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  1. Qydaplays

    Done Be able to choose what names highlight you

    So, this one is a hard one to explain. I think that you should be able to make it so multiple things can highlight your name. So say, my PS! username is Qyda, but I have other alts as well. So if I wanted my other alts to be able to highlight my name as well, that would be good. So, typing...
  2. Qydaplays

    Pending Add 'toughed it out' messages

    In Gen7 and 8 there is a feature where if your pokemon should have been KO'd, it instead keeps them alive so you 'won't feel sad' They may also remove status conditions. This may make battles too easy, but it would give people a small chance when things are looking grim. Probably won't happen...
  3. Qydaplays

    Done Add left after joined

    So, this is just a tiny, miniscule thing. But on groupchats, if someone refreshes the page, it says 'Qyda Joined, Qyda Left' for example. Just a tiny request. Can you make it say 'Qyda Left, Qyda Joined'? Because when it was the other way, it implies that they joined, then they left and, it...
  4. Qydaplays

    Pending !profile command

    In certain side servers, you can use the !profile command or the /profile command. I think that it would be easy and useful to add this in so you can see when a user was last on so you know if they are likely to be on so you can battle them. I think it would be useful and I'm sure that others...
  5. Qydaplays

    Make NFE and LC random battles

    Make NFE and LC random battles