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  1. Entertainment Pokemon that would be good at playing pokemon

    A humorous article detailing why some pokemon, who may not be good in competitive play, would be one of the best battlers out there.
  2. Approved Battling the Showdown Lag-Monster

    Lag sucks. Poor internet sucks. Internet that randomly disconnects and stops working sucks. This will be an article talking about losing thanks to lag and broken internet, and how to prevent situations or avoid losing too many ladder points when it happens, as well as ways to find out if you're...
  3. Entertainment Pokemon that we SHOULD be using in OU

    A simple list of useless pokemon, with sets and a description. Meant to be humorous, doing things like accentuating how "great" Unown would be as a Specs user, and how Luvdisk would be a "wonderful" Scarf sweeper in the rain. Not to be taken seriously.
  4. Pokemon that could've Gotten Cool Megas

    A list of pokemon that have potentially neat megas, both design-wise and metagame-wise. List will include things like stat buffs, appearance descriptions (maybe sprites if I have time) for fake megas, and an explanation to justify design and stat changes, also how they might affect the tiers...
  5. Entertainment Pokemon that went Right Through Censorship

    I intend to write a list of Pokemon that appear not to have been glanced at by the censors, and explain why I think so. It will probably be a top ten style list, with honourable mentions at the end. This will be presented in a humorous manner, and will include butts, boobs, and terrors such as...