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  1. growvilye500

    Current Competitive Team

    I've played pokemon since yellow was release however I never knew about Iv's or Ev's so I'm trying to make my first competitive team and would enjoy your responses ------------------------------------- Mienshao Ev's 252 Attack and 252 Speed Nature: Jolly Item: Undecided between Life orb or Sash...
  2. growvilye500

    LF shiny forretress FT jirachi

    I dont care about ivs just aant stursy
  3. growvilye500

    My first competitive team

    There might be some bad things since I've played Pokemon since yellow but just now wanted to get in the competitive seen cause i like 2 of the new Pokemon so here's my team. Forretress 252 evs in Hp and Def Item: Quick Claw, Ability: Sturdy Moveset: Stealth Rock, Protect, Volt Switch, and Toxic...
  4. growvilye500

    LF 5iv Pumpkaboo and Seedots

    offering anything that i ahve that youd be interesting including 4-5iv goomys some shinys and more goodies hidden around