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    the definition of art

    "Art" is a very powerful word that commands a lot of respect in modern day society - calling something art is an endorsement in itself, and saying something is not art is usually deemed tantamount to calling it worthless. When doing either of those things, usually people like to talk about...
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    Is it ethical to commercialize the labor of hobbyist volunteers?

    This is a concept that comes up in a lot of different ways and I was wondering about the opinions of my fellow smogonauts. To name some examples that help illustrate the concept: Mario maker, little big planet, a large part of youtube and even fan sites and social media have a business model...
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    Serious 2020 Democratic Primary Thread

    Trumps given every US resident a fat stack, 0% chance he will lose anymore, just give it up and move to a real country if you can
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    Serious Online dating

    shut up cocksucker
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    Serious Online dating

    no not at all :psynervous:
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    Serious LGBTQ+

    dice rn
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     Smeargle Commissions

    deleted my comments as my comms are not open and will not be for the forseeable future LifeisDANK
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    Art by A Pink Moth (internet's 3d models and assorted nonsense)

    memite the communications pokémon psychic/poison dex 1: "MEMITE are born from communication. Since the introduction of the internet, their numbers have increased tremendously." dex 2: "Because MEMITE behaves erratically, it is seen as a pest or a friend depending on who you ask." Obeylisk...
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    Art by A Pink Moth (internet's 3d models and assorted nonsense)

    Psial the ancient time pokémon rock/psychic dex 1:"PSIAL count time using the sun. Other sources of light often confuse PSIAL." dex 2: "PSIAL vigilantly stays in the sunlight. If a shadow is suddenly cast on PSIAL, it may become upset." Oraclay the end times pokémon rock/psychic dex 1...
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    Art by A Pink Moth (internet's 3d models and assorted nonsense)

    Cuftup The arrest pokemon Steel/ghost Dex 1: "CUFTUP pretends to be well-behaved, but causes lots of mischief when no one is looking." Dex 2: "If CUFTUP chains you, you can bribe it with snacks or shiny objects, but this will teach it to attack you again." Chanetup the punishment pokémon...
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    Art by A Pink Moth (internet's 3d models and assorted nonsense)

    Atebit the binary pokémon bug dex 1: "ATEBIT can remember numbers very well, but if it tries to count too high, it gets confused!" dex 2: "ATEBIT can be taught to do math, but It needs precise instructions, or the answer will be messed up!" Hexploit the hack pokémon bug/dark dex 1...
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    Art by A Pink Moth (internet's 3d models and assorted nonsense)

    didn't want to deny u fellas these boys FEDORABLE the hat pokémon dark/fairy dex 1: "A FEDORABLE will steal a hat to shelter it from the weather. If you find a FEDORABLE in your hat, please let it be!" dex 2: "For a long time, populations of FEDORABLE had been in decline. Recently, they are...
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    Cashless stores

    Cashless stores are fine imo. If you want to narrow your customer base in order to be less of a target for robberies and/or save money on handling cash, that's a choice a store should get to make. Compared to online stores, they're already gatekeeping much less. If suddenly cash couldn't buy...
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    how to open a restaurant featuring Pokemon

    For the most part big companies won't mind if you do this kinda thing, but generally won't give permission if asked. It's an IP law thing.
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    Obscure card game shilling time :P(Future Card Buddyfight)

    The board where this thread would previously have gone was recently merged into this. Finding a playgroup for this game outside Japan has got to be tough.
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    Serious The Zodiac Thread

    I always wonder if the ancient fellows who came up with this sorta thing believed themselves. There is no scientific backing for stars influencing your personality, but the science behind scam artistry can be fascinating and i love fortune cookies so why not horoscopes.