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  1. 13ulbasaur

    ORAS Doubles OU heyy its a lucario team lmao

    im not in trouble for the title am i i coudltn think of a serious one also im really sleepy ok so like i dont have much to say in the way of this silly introductory stuff, this is a mega lucario team i made fairly recently and it's pretty fun, figured I'd make a quick and simple RMT and see if...
  2. 13ulbasaur


    Overview ######## Has many interesting combination of moves to utilize Prankster with including Quick Guard, Charm, Thunder Wave, Safeguard, Swagger, Screens and more. Only Pokemon with +4 Quick Guard, thus all Fake Outs can be negated. Faces stiff competition with Klefki, of whom the latter...
  3. 13ulbasaur

    Other No items, Kalos bred tournament team.

    Hey there! Sorry for the boring name, I figured it would be better to point out that this team is made for a weird ruleset. Anyway! I'm preparing myself for my first ever tournament that will be held locally later this year, and since this is my first tournament I want to try my best. However...
  4. 13ulbasaur

    XY Doubles Made in China

    So this is my first ever doubles team, made with the help of Pwnemon (else I would've never gotten anything done haha thanks a bunch pwne). Even though this was the team's first draft, it's performed quite well, pulling me through a couple of battles even when I panic and make bad plays (of...
  5. 13ulbasaur

    XY OU Dreams coming to Furfroution (Stall, I think)

    So this isn't my first ever team per se, but it is my first RMT and the first team where I tried really hard to actually properly build a team that might function while still including some of my favourite Pokemon. I was trying to go for a stall type of team, because I really love being able to...
  6. 13ulbasaur

    13ulb's art stuff

    obv i start my art thread off with my most favouritest thing, my dumb umbrella.I suddenly got it in my head that I would love a Pokemon umbrella. I thought about it for a while, and I realised with how many different hairstyles Furfrou has, and the fact that it's one of my favourite Pokemon, I...