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  1. qwazz

    XY OU Lando-t balanced team (peaked 1864)

    I've made a team that I'm rather fond of, however I've noticed it has some problems with a few pokemon. I don't know what to change and I was hoping you do. I have peaked at around 1860's and I can't seem to get around that. I am currently 25-0 on an alt with this team. Here is the teambuilding...
  2. qwazz

    Teh fgts nvr dye 0.5 (fuck you baton pass)

    Hey guys, welcome to my newest RMT. I really like this team, because I've went 24 wins - 0 losses - 1 tie with it. I lost twice to baton pass, but I refuse to count those as losses. Anyways, I got this idea from TFL's team. Realizing that all the good ideas were taken, I tried to make the second...
  3. qwazz

    It's turtle time!

    So lately I've had this idea, of having monospecies battles. Similar to monotype: it only allows one species of animal. Of course there's gonna be arguments about what pokemon is what, so I doubt it'll ever be a tier. Anyways, I've decided to base my team after turtles. I'm hoping that...