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  1. Imanalt

    MLB 2020

    freezing keeper league makes sense to me as well
  2. Imanalt

    MLB 2020

    My work schedule sucks right now, I work every evening other than sundays, The best times for me would either be past 11 pm eastern any day or sunday during the day
  3. Imanalt

    Tournament LCPL IX - Signups

    Username: Imanalt Timezone: EDT Tiers Played: DPP Significant time missed?: n
  4. Imanalt

    Tournament LC Old Gens League: Group Stage

    won vs yami
  5. Imanalt

    MLB 2020

  6. Imanalt

    MLB 2020

    Alright: Devers: 14 Freeman: 16 Jose Ramirez: 19 Buehler: 15.5 Cole: 18.5 Glasnow: 7.5 Total: 90.5
  7. Imanalt

    Tournament LC Old Gens League: Group Stage

    won vs expulso gg
  8. Imanalt

    MLB 2020

    yeah im me also the 14th would be preferable for me because theres an outside chance i have to work on the 21st
  9. Imanalt

    Tournament The LC Old Gens League - Signups (SM slots Full)

    Username: Imanalt Timezone: -5 Home Tier: DPP Alternate Options: None I PROMISE TO COMPLETE ALL OF MY GROUP STAGE GAMES
  10. Imanalt

    The LC Open VIII - Signups

  11. Imanalt

    PSPL VII Group Stage: Week 3

    won gg
  12. Imanalt

    PSPL VII Group Stage: Week 2

    won gg
  13. Imanalt

    PSPL VII Group Stages: Week 1

    won gg
  14. Imanalt

    Tournament LCPL 8 Signups

    in edt dpp no
  15. Imanalt

    MLB 2019

    Walker Buehler - 10 Gerrit Cole - 15 Aaron Nola - 11 Jose Ramirez - 19 Freddie Freeman - 16 JT Realmuto - 9 Total - 80
  16. Imanalt

    MLB 2019

    any saturday afternoon is fine, my schedule other days are kind of sketchy. Do we have a spreadsheet of potential keepers/prices this year or do i have to figure it out myself?
  17. Imanalt

    MLB 2019

    im still in
  18. Imanalt

    Tournament Little Cup World Cup - Signups

    Name: redo dpp viability ranks Tiers Played: dpp Primary Eligibility: vermont Secondary Eligibility: N Interested in Captaincy?: N Significant Time Missed: N
  19. Imanalt

    Multi-gen RoA Olympics 3: Signups [12⇧14-teams]

    Nation: US East Tiers played: DPP LC Inactivity: None Requested Captain: None
  20. Imanalt

    Smogon Puzzle Hunt [Signups Closed]

    Team Name: Eggplant Parm Members: Mistrals Discord: I'm in like 20 servers with you lol