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  1. GL Volkner

    OM Interviews (#4: Morytha)

  2. GL Volkner

    Tournament SwSh Post-DLC AAA "Hit It and Quit It" Tour!

    this seems fun as fuck in
  3. GL Volkner

    Tournament AGPL II - Grand Finals

  4. GL Volkner

    Other Smogon Puzzle Hunt 3 [Wrapup]

  5. GL Volkner

    STAB STABmons

    in as VCSO Girl
  6. GL Volkner

    Tournament CAPPL VI - Week 4

    get good then, he didn't get lucky bc you played like shit he just outplayed your bad plays :blobshrug:
  7. GL Volkner

    Tournament USUM Balanced Hackmons Cup (Won by aesf)

    a loser anaconja are you guys still planning on playing? I'd love to watch your series!
  8. GL Volkner

    Tournament AGPL II - Grand Finals

    I know people consider ORAS a variance meta but I didn't think it was so variable that someone who's gotten acted for 3 weeks has a shot at beating Leru :pikuh:
  9. GL Volkner

    Tournament AGPL II - Grand Finals

    let us spam wtf is wrong with you :(
  10. GL Volkner

    Tournament OM Snake Draft III - Week 3 (Post #46) won gg s/o Leru for guarding me from last turn crit
  11. GL Volkner

    OM Interviews (#4: Morytha)

    Wait what the fuck I thought you were like 17
  12. GL Volkner

    Tournament UUWC I - Signups

    Name: GL Volkner Tiers Played: All w teams Primary Eligibility: Canada Secondary Eligibility: Canada Interested In Captaincy?: No Significant Time Missed: always free to show vivalospride who's boss
  13. GL Volkner

    Tournament USUM Mix and Mega Cup - Finals (#99)

    i think i was given the win?
  14. GL Volkner

    Tournament ORAS STABmons Cup (Won by Alternatif)

    i didnt win but like my post and make sure it gets more likes than aesf's post so i win what really matters please my ego needs this
  15. GL Volkner

    Tournament AGPL II - Week 5