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  1. Exeggutor

    Serious A place to vent

    If your problems include feeling discriminated against for being a majority which probably primarily comes from the internet; feeling negatively towards people getting rights and movements towards social equality; and masquerading as concern that somehow politics is being shoved in your face day...
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    Serious A place to vent

    It sounds like you just need to go outside dog
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    Anti- vaxxers, what are they?

    Surely this is the same sort of Woke White philosophy being applied here, except in this case it's out of some sort of misguided sense of pity. The implication that somehow it's okay justification because they're wary of modern medicine as long as they're a poor little Coloured Person (and then...
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  5. Exeggutor

    Smogon Cooking Thread 2

    been cooking a lot more lately since I'm about to move and all. I'm liking it. made this today, meat-base pizza w/ mushrooms and ham
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    healthy lifestyle thread (OR: oglemi masturbation cave)

    i've lost ~6kg in the past month just by eating less and not drinking juice, i'm fucking stoked got a bike for my birthday and i've been trying to learn to ride that i'm aiming to lose about 20kg to get to a healthy weight, but we'll see how that goes
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    qui personne a mangé mes biscuits

    qui personne a mangé mes biscuits
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    dog has malfunctioned
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     Spriting Contest - Contest #8: Spriter of the Month: Ice-cold Claws - NEXT CONTEST COMING SOON

    in. trainer sprite: pokemon sprite: might change pokemon sprite later. houndoom's pretty uggo.
  10. Exeggutor

    Serious LGBTQ

    i did say it was a quick response. i was getting ready for school and intended to talk with you privately once i returned home, but i can't expect you to have known that. i said he himself said that it wasn't his job, not that you - or anyone else responding - said that, nor did i mean to imply...
  11. Exeggutor

    Serious LGBTQ

    alright. what i'm getting from this is that you're saying 1. i am tone-deaf and policing how others feel, 2. self-referential humour is self-deprecating and use of genderfucked is making fun of people, 3. attempts at understanding the community i'm a part of are sinister and passive-aggressive...
  12. Exeggutor

    Serious LGBTQ

    this is not the first time you've suddenly put up a wall of hostility in response to me saying that i don't understand something. i acknowledged that i don't understand and that i probably wouldn't considering who and how i am - is there a problem with that? if you want to know why i think it is...
  13. Exeggutor

    Serious LGBTQ

    i really don't get where you're coming from with this, but i think that's just me not understanding that kind of thing in general, lol.
  14. Exeggutor

    Serious LGBTQ

    is something as silly as genderfucked really on the level that it can be considered a slur?
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    sometimes exeggutor doodles

    my name is exeggutor and i use a samsung note 8.0 and autodesk sketchbook pro to draw when i am bored
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    thank you all!

    thank you all!
  17. Exeggutor

    Featured Rater #6 - BKC

    how many virgins do you consume on a daily basis? why is your avatar so bland? how can i pick up girls like you? what's your fav mon per gen?
  18. Exeggutor

    Featured Rater #5 - Trinitrotoluene

    why are you so cute? what can i do to be as cute as you? will you eventually give up pokemon for competitive splatoon?