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  1. megacrazyhand

    Metagame Shared Power [OM of the Month!]

    So I just wanted to pipe in with more support on banning Sturdy and Multiscale. I don't have any account that's high on the ladder but I've played on a bunch of different alts. The three most dominating abilities are probably: Multiscale, Sturdy, and Poison Heal. I feel it is conducive to...
  2. megacrazyhand

    Canalave Library Winter Contest

    Approved by sirDonovan Are you competitive? Are you festive? Are you simply someone who likes snow? Well, the creators behind the spooky Halloween Contest are pleased to announce a Winter Contest! This contest is a little different: we will be accepting art (including photography) and...
  3. megacrazyhand

    Halloween Writing Contest (Writing Room and Canalave Library)

    Approved by: sirDonovan This year, we rise anew. The Mythology room has been reborn: step into the Canalave Library! Our topics have expanded from just sheer mythology to include ancient history, genealogy, and legends. So how does one celebrate such a re-branding? With a joint Halloween event...
  4. megacrazyhand

    Metagame Ultimate Z

    Alright, I'll take up The Immortal on their challenge and try to lay out an on it's face case for why Conversion should be banned. As this is only on its face, I won't include calcs, but only show that Conversion is close enough to Celebrate and its clones that it should be banned. Celebrate...
  5. megacrazyhand

    Metagame Ultimate Z

    I wouldn't call myself good in this meta by any stretch, but I'm going to drop my two cents based on what I saw playing the last two days. First, Kyurem-B and Tapu Koko are broken and highly centralizing. Kyurem-B has the ability to drop 200 BP Ice Type moves (250 after STAB) while also...
  6. megacrazyhand

    Metagame Doubles Ubers

    Been playing on ladder the last few days and I come with suggestions. Magearna Tier 2 ----> Tier 1: I have a hard time thinking of a reason not to put it on a team. Once it gets a boost it becomes the opponent's priority to stop, which can be difficult barring Primal Groudon. It also works in...
  7. megacrazyhand

    PSPL V Group Stages: Week 2

    Won vs cityfolk (Writing vs PU) GG, I'd like to thank my opponent for battling me as well :).
  8. megacrazyhand

    Metagame Sun and Moon Doubles Discussion Thread

    So I don't see many sample teams being thrown around and while I'm not high on ladder (rank 149 which isn't an achievement in this early meta), I feel like sharing a Trick Room team I've been playing with. Tapu Lele @ Life Orb Ability: Psychic Surge EVs: 252 HP / 252 SpA / 4 SpD Quiet...
  9. megacrazyhand

    Joint Mythology and Writing Room Halloween Contest

    I am proud to announce that our contest results our now in! Our fourth place/honorable mention goes to Yung whose story "Curse of the Candied Apples" competed in an extremely close competition. Third place goes to fKorle and their story "The Keyhole" which narrowly edged out the competition...
  10. megacrazyhand

    Joint Mythology and Writing Room Halloween Contest

    Approved by: sirDonovan An essential part of the European-American mythology is horror, from the works of Lovecraft and Edgar Allen Poe to those of Washington Irving. From our music to our movies, an overlooked aspect of American culture and mythology is horror. With Halloween around the...
  11. megacrazyhand

    Serious Immortality/Indefinite Life Extension

    I, personally, greatly anticipate the day my mind is uploaded to a cloud so that I can forever live in the digital world yelling about kids these days and their nanobots and how back in my day we didn't have nanobots. I think something that has been lost in this conversation is that effective...
  12. megacrazyhand

    Doubles UU

    I'd like to suggest Pachirisu from UR --> 3 I've had a bit of success with it on ladder. Its use is as a bulky redirector with Super Fang and Nuzzle to complement it. If it's paired up with a Pokemon like Mega Blastoise, you'll be able to paralyze a troublesome opponent and then Super Fang to...
  13. megacrazyhand

    Smogon's Flying Press Subscription Service: Subscribe Here!

    Can I be subbed to: Oras OU Oras Ubers Oras UU VGC OM Simulator Competitive Guides Community News Humor
  14. megacrazyhand

    Writers on Smogon

    What do you like to write? Primarily poetry and fiction. I'm currently working on a screenplay, comic book script and a video game script. What got you interested in writing? To me, its the perfect way to share ideas and thoughts. It's creation and detail from a single mind and about a single...
  15. megacrazyhand

    350 Cup

    I kind of feel like doing an impromptu team post of a team that's been doing alright for me. I'm currently rank 67 on the ladder which is an ELO of 1281 and gxe of 70 and will probably continue climbing. Its main focus is sand rush Drilbur with back up from Speed Boost Carvanha and Choice Banded...
  16. megacrazyhand

    np: ORAS OU Suspect Process, Round 5 - Run The Jewels

    This part of your post I think I'm qualified enough to answer. First off usage of a Pokemon is not equivocal to centralization. For example, Clefable is possibly the best Fairy type in OU, being able to serve a multitude of roles and fit well on many teams. Despite this, it only has about 8.7%...
  17. megacrazyhand

    np: ORAS OU Suspect Process, Round 5 - Run The Jewels

    While I don't have a strong opinion on Mega-Sableye (which I don't really use) in regards to it I can leave only a note or two about how I've dealt with it in the past: Unaware Clefable. That said, there definitely doesn't seem to be a wealth of options to swiftly beat Mega-Sableye and while I...
  18. megacrazyhand

    Project Battle of the Week 23, Nominations!

    Winter's Howl Silverreaper 21 HJAD
  19. megacrazyhand

    Ladder Tier Shift ORAS (Swift Swim Banned)

    I'm pretty sure Victini is BL so I guess the thing I'll miss most is base 105 Banded VCreates. That aside the change makes sense so I'll be that guy who points out that Sun is still extremely good. That vast majority of its group of Pokemon which benefit from it are still in low tiers...
  20. megacrazyhand

    Tier Shift

    To go with the Feraligatr sets above, you can also use a Special option which I play tested in a single game. Feraligatr @ Life Orb Ability: Sheer Force EVs: 8 Atk / 252 SpA / 248 Spe Rash Nature - Aqua Jet - Scald - Ice Beam - Focus Blast While these EVs are probably not optimal, but the...