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  1. DreamScream

    How to beat Venomoth without even trying (Peaked #6)

    If you are reading this thread, you know that Venomoth is currently being suspected, for good reason. It can sweep entire teams and became a huge problem for team building for me. RU was always my favorite tier and it was being torn to threads by a moth (no, not Mothim). I went through a few...
  2. DreamScream

    Bane of My Existance (Peaked #10 on Suspect Ladder)

    A few months ago, way before ORAS was released, I made my very first RMT. It was an RU hyper offense/bulky offense team that peaked at #7 (proof of this unavailable). With ORAS, the RU meta-game shifted a bit to have new threats and a different feel. However, that RMT that was made to shred...
  3. DreamScream

    ORAS OU BunnySpam

    I just rejoined the metagame after taking a break and I've been playing around with the different pokemon that got buffs in ORAS. After plenty of time looking at the different megas, I discovered that no one got a bigger buff (other than Greninja, that is) than my man, Diggersby. I also found a...
  4. DreamScream

    XY RU RU Hyper Offense

    RU is incredibly stally right now. Everywhere I turn there's bulk, bulk, and even more bulk. However, that just leaves the door open for a group of wall-breakers to shred through the meta. That's where this hyper offense team comes in. It's not quite traditional hyper offense, as most of it is...