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  1. VGC Team

    I mean, if you're going to criticize the guy for using Scarf Amoonguss, criticize the Scarf Amoonguss. Gardevoir is a little unorthodox but it makes sense, and the rest of the team is solid enough. I don't get why you'd question Lum Ferrothorn and Helmet Chomp.
  2. VGC Nationals Data

    No it won't. A different group of Pokemon would just become popular.
  3. VGC Nationals Data

    "Rain team" is such a lazy designation for a team.
  4. VGC 2014 Viability Rankings v2

    Why do you keep acting like this isn't a big deal?
  5. The Everything NHL Thread

    For the people (not on here, fans in general) who criticize players with NTCs for trying to hand pick their destinations, how ignorant could you possibly be? No, players don't have families or personal lives at all.
  6. MLB Discussion Thread

    oml Mike Trout
  7. VGC 2014 Viability Rankings v2

    It's not a check if it requires a Sash to win a matchup. Like, surviving with 1 HP and KOing back is NOT a selling point, and it has to be at 100% to work at all. Almost anything with Sash can win matchups they shouldn't be winning. You're really stretching the meaning of a check with that.
  8. VGC 2014 Viability Rankings v2

    lol I never said that Also, regarding Pyroar, yes?? Again, it covers Kangaskhan's weaknesses, and Steel types are a staple on teams. Not to mention Greninja isn't even a check to Talonflame or Charizard. Greninja and Pyroar aren't interchangeable.
  9. VGC 2014 Viability Rankings v2

    Trying to bulk up Garchomp to beat Pyroar is a bad idea (and no, no one does this either). There are so many more efficient ways of beating Pyroar than Garchomp, and doing so takes away from what makes Garchomp good in the first place. Also you should re read my initial post lol. Pyroar beats...
  10. VGC 2014 Viability Rankings v2

    Except why would anyone do that? Also, Pyroar and Greninja aren't even close to being the same thing. The things that Pyroar beats are more relevant to the meta.
  11. VGC 2014 Viability Rankings v2

    I also thought Pyroar was overhyped, but the more I got to using it, the more I realized that it's more than a cheap gimmick. Here are some of the most common things people use to beat Kangaskhan: - Ghosts (Aegislash, Trevenant, Gourgeist) - Intimidate (Salamence, Mawile) - Bulky steel types...
  12. VGC 2014 Viability Rankings v2

    I feel like Kingdra and other weather 'mons need to be higher than C. Support for them is imperitive, but anyone reading these rankings might brush them off as uncommon or weak. If you don't have very specific counters to weather, it can run through you with ease.
  13. VGC Ask a Simple Question, Get a Simple Answer - Mark II

    You are... Misinterpreting what I said. Where did I ever say you've never had bad luck? What I said was that you've also had a lot of favorable RNG rolls, and that blaming all your losses on luck is silly. Even in games where it looks like luck wasn't in your favor, there were things in that...
  14. VGC Ask a Simple Question, Get a Simple Answer - Mark II

    Well, if you still think bad luck (ie, hax) is a big part of a lot of your losses, I don't really know what to say tbh. You will lose, and you will lose a lot. That's the nature of the game. The only thing you can do it just to move on and always pay attention to the things that are giving you...
  15. VGC Ask a Simple Question, Get a Simple Answer - Mark II

    "Hax" = bad luck; unfavorable RNG rolls. If you're losing more than you like, review your losses and see what you're losing to. If you're a beginner I suggest just using really standard stuff so you familiarize yourself with the game first and can start building teams on your own. It's a slow...
  16. Ferrothorn

    Ferrothorn walls physical Tyranitar (DD variants, especially mega)
  17. Smeargle

    Curious as to why you have Spiky Shield in OO but have Detect on the main set. Spiky Shield blocks everything Detect does and causes damage on contact. It also blocks status moves, unlike King's Shield.
  18. Dealing with Ferrothorn in VGC 2014

    Fire moves. You should be having at least a couple Pokemon carrying it as coverage
  19. Team Archetypes in VGC

    Talonflame is a staple on Rain too, given how it can handily beat Rain counters (Grass types, and to a lesser extent Trick Room)
  20. Pinsir

    And Kangaskhan, Tyranitar, Ferrothorn, Bisharp, Hydreigon, Mamoswine Maybe in OU EQ is better. Not so much in VGC.