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  1. Octazook ¬-(°-°¬-)

    SM OU Imagine Dragons

    Hello again, today I come with a team based on two trends that have been showing a good performance in metagame (I think:blobwizard:) that are Offensive SR Garchomp and Mega Slowbro, two fun pokemons to use being that the first is one of the best Offensive Stealth Rocks Setter and the other...
  2. Octazook ¬-(°-°¬-)

    SM OU Polaroid

    Polaroid Introduction (Sorry if I have something grammatically incorrect, English is not my language.) Hello everyone, welcome to my team that is based on 3 cores that help the team both offensively and...
  3. Octazook ¬-(°-°¬-)

    SM OU Walking the Wire

    Hi (I do not know how to start a conversation lmao and i dont find a better music link so i changed the name of RMT) first of all, English is not my first language so sorry if there is an error. Having already apologized let's talk about my team that I did around Sub SD Tapu Bulu and Sub ElecZ...