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  1. Chinese Dood

    Journey to Toronto (Canadian Nationals VGC Story)

    Hi, I'm Tony (also known as Chinese Dood on here), and this is my buddy Snorlax: With my gf Sally, we traveled all the way across Canada to compete in the VGC Nationals in Toronto recently. The journey started on Thursday June 28th for us, even though the tournament does not happen until July...
  2. Chinese Dood

    Better Late than Never I Guess (Surrey Regionals Warstory)

    So, I wasn't sure if I was going to write up a story, since I might be lazy (or just don't have time) to create a new team for Nats, so I didn't want to just go "I won this battle, then lost this one" without saying much about the actual battles, haha. Now, I think I probably will use a...
  3. Chinese Dood

    Seattle VGC 2010 Story - [INSERT CREATIVE TITLE HERE]

    Since it's more or less confirmed that I will not be going to Nationals, I should just reveal my team (not like it's extremely special or anything) and type up a story before I forget all the battles haha. I pretty much remembered only the major turns for each battle right now anyway. Also...
  4. Chinese Dood

    Gimmicky BL Trick Room Team

    EDIT: Oh, Nvm, someone can just delete.