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  1. Darkprophet

    NA Salazzle Event Code Drop

    Hello everyone, I happen to have gotten a hold of an unopened pack of North American Salazzle Codes from the August 14 - September 4 event. The Pokemon recieved from the code is the following: Level: 50 Ability: Corrosion Item: Focus Sash Moves: - Fake Out - Toxic - Sludge Bomb -...
  2. Darkprophet

    Prophet's Ultra Space Trade Shop

    Done reserving posts! Post Away! INTRODUCTION: Welcome! My name is Darkprophet. I was a regular trader and breeder during 4th Generation, during the time the RNG was being cracked, dabbled a little in Gen 5, then sort of dropped off for a while. With Sun and Moon, my love for Pokemon was...
  3. Darkprophet

    [GP 1/1] Sun/Moon/Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon General Tips and Tricks

    Note: This is a Work in Progress and some information may be incomplete at the time. Rough Skeleton will include ways to make easy money, useful items for breeding, catching, and training pokemon, Helpful NPCs, Locations for all Z Crystals and Mega Stones, and the locations for obtaining each...
  4. Darkprophet

    Search Filters in the Competetive Pokedex

    So, here's my idea. Me and Tase were discussing a random project for her to do in her time before her ICBB runs out and she can start on her SBP13 project. She wanted a random pokemon, random nature, but, something easy to attain in her last few days before she can start her project for SBP...
  5. Darkprophet

    Constructing a new Standard[OU] (RMT)

    Hello everyone, After being on here as a trader primarily, I decided I needed a little help with a team, as my last two have been failures, despite my hours of slaving over them. I've gone through the pokemon I already have on my game (EV'd or not) and created my first team without using my...