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  1. WaterBomb

    tier list no one asked for The Official Smogon Pizza Toppings Tiering Thread: 10th Anniversary Edition

    Good afternoon folks! To christen the shiny new forum, I am forming this thread so we can debate tiers for pizza toppings. It's been ten years since the last thread, so I figured it was fitting for a reprisal. In this thread, I want to discuss and debate the most popular pizza toppings in an...
  2. WaterBomb

    The Everything NCAA Basketball Thread - 2019-20 Season

    Hello all, welcome to this year's college basketball thread. Here you can discuss everything from AP Polls to NBA draft prospects to game results to March Madness. As always let's keep things civil and have some fruitful conversation! Let's start the thread with some discussion of the preseason...
  3. WaterBomb

    Separating Genders

    Good evening all! I just came across something interesting that i felt would make a good discussion topic for cong, so here it is. My wife just joined a gym near us. Among its many perks, it also has a 'women only' section. It has the same equipment and amenities, but only women are allowed to...
  4. WaterBomb

    The NFL Fantasy Football Thread, 2017-18 Season

    Howdy folks! It's that time of year again. This thread will be the multi-purpose thread for all things fantasy football, from smack talk to signups to whining about injury luck. I will do my best to track who is in what league here. Currently there are four leagues in existence. Returning...
  5. WaterBomb

    The Everything NFL Thread - 2017-18 season

    Hey folks, the draft is finally upon us, which means it's time for a new thread. Discuss all matters related to the NFL (American Football) here. There will be a separate thread for fantasy discussion so please do not do that here. Have at it!
  6. WaterBomb

    Smogon user NFL team index

    Hey all, I'll merge this into the existing nfl thread once I get everyone indexed. I want to keep a master list of our regular users and what NFL team they root for so I can get a picture of just how diverse our group is. In this thread, please post the team you support, and if you're...
  7. WaterBomb

    Pokemon GO

    Looks like it's out in a few places so what are everyone's thoughts so far? I have a feeling it's going to be enticing at first and then turn out to be shallow, but we'll see. I am fortunate in that I am already an Ingress player so I know where all the gyms/pokestops are likely to be ahead of...
  8. WaterBomb

    Official Smogon NFL Fantasy Football Thread (2016-17 Season) - WINNERS ANNOUNCED

  9. WaterBomb

    Final Fantasy VII Remake

    Didn't see a thread on this specifically when I did a quick search, but feel free to link me if there is one and delete it. Anyway there's a lot of info floating around out there, a couple of official trailers and statements and a whole lot of speculation and rumors. At this point I want to...
  10. WaterBomb

    Official Smogon Fantasy Football Thread - 2015-16 Edition

    Good morning folks! Since people have started to get impatient I am throwing this thread up to get the ball rolling. For now I am just going to have people post their interest so I can gauge how many leagues we will need. Last year we filled 3 leagues and had a great time, and in the past...
  11. WaterBomb

    The Everything some hero (NFL) Thread - 2015-16 Season

    Good afternoon all! With the draft upon us, it is time to kick off another fun filled season of Football. Please post all discussion related to the National Football League to this thread. To start us out, we can discuss draft needs and expectations for teams, mocks, etc. Enjoy!
  12. WaterBomb

    Official Smogon Fantasy Football PLAYOFF Thread (2014-15 Edition)

    Well, it's getting to be that time again. It's a little early, but I have 45 more minutes to kill at work today and BiGGiE was pestering me so I decided to get the thread up to get the process rolling. As usual, last year's participants will be given first crack at the spots in each league...
  13. WaterBomb

    Smogon's Official World Cup Discussion (Congrats to Glaucius on winning Pick'em!)

    Hello folks! With the World Cup fast approaching, I thought it might be fun to set up a Pick 'em on Yahoo for us to have some friendly competition. This will be free of course, and anyone can join. I have never created one of these before, so hopefully I did it right. The invite link is...
  14. WaterBomb

    Send WB to Uganda! (also Missions discussion)

    Hey there Smogonites! I don't normally post threads like this, but I figured it's worth a shot. I am scheduled to go to Uganda in a little over two weeks as part of a mission trip. Myself and my 7 team members will be traveling to a small village in Kaberamaido, Uganda that our church...
  15. WaterBomb

    Official NFL Fantasy Football thread: Playoff edition Join the league I created for Smogon. League name and password are both "smogon" in all lower case letters. Let's have at it!
  16. WaterBomb

    Serious What to do about Bullying?

    Now, I know I rustled a few jimmies in the other thread, so I don't want people to harp on what my opinions on these matters are. I'd expect everyone in this thread to be able to discuss their views in a healthy way without it degenerating into flaming. I wanted this thread to touch on the...
  17. WaterBomb

    Smogon Fantasy Football: 2013-2014 Season

    Good morning y'all! It's getting to be that time again, where we start getting antsy and gearing up for another run at Fantasy Gold. This thread will be used to track league membership as well as hold discussion of all Fantasy related subjects. I have already renewed League C, and I suspect the...
  18. WaterBomb

    Cops and Robbers (Currently #19 on UU Ladder)

    I really couldn't think of a team name less lame than that, sorry! Anyhow, this is the first team that I've had tangible success with in UU, so I wanted to stick with it for a while and try to perfect it. I will first go through the teambuilding process, then analyze the team itself, and...
  19. WaterBomb

    Moderation of own thread

    I don't support giving this ability to regular users, but I think forum Moderators should be able to moderate threads they started, no matter what forum they are in. Being that I am a moderator of a small sub forum and I post in many other places, it's a bit annoying to have to wait for...
  20. WaterBomb

    The Little Underdogs That Could

    Good morning folks. I have been testing this team for a while and been moderately successful, posting a record of 71-31-1 and a ranking of ~1700. At this point I feel as though I've hit my ceiling, and I'm looking for ways to tweak and improve my team to make it solid and nigh-impenetrable so...