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  1. Brambane

    Metagame SS Monotype Metagame Discussion

    Hello I have been playing Bug pretty exclusively the past few days (I also dabbled a bit in Poison, Electric, Fighting and Grass) and tested a bunch of different stuff. First and foremost: Bug is not a very good type at the moment. However, Bug is very fun to play and you get to use some pretty...
  2. Brambane

    Sword & Shield **Official news only** DLC Isle of Armour 17th June

    So 100% the best part about Sword and Shield is that you can not only skip cutscenes, but since the Switch supports multiple profiles you can finally have multiple saves with only one copy of the game! Since I completed Sword normally yesterday (overall the game was better than I feared, but...
  3. Brambane

    SPOILERS! Pokemon Sword & Shield Pre-Release SPOILERS - Check Post 2!

    Going off the leaked dex, these are all the Basic Pokemon that can still evolve, and therefore would be usable in Little Cup, assuming they are all available at Level 5. Since Little Cup is one of the first tiers to form after a new generation is released, have fun theorycrafting. I don't...
  4. Brambane

    Pets Thead

    Platymeris biguttatus and Phyllocrania paradoxa
  5. Brambane

    Metagame SM RU - RU Alpha Discussion - Month 2

    Swampert is already on the list and to be honest I just completely forgot about Heracross lol, that mon should have definitely been on there. I agree with Shaymin, even though it is overshadowed by Celebi it does have some useful traits (mostly Seed Flare and not being weak to Pursuit) and it...
  6. Brambane

    Metagame SM RU - RU Alpha Discussion - Month 2

    With January coming to a close, I thought I would compile a "threat" list of Pokemon I faced; this is not a list of necessarily the most common Pokemon you will face on the ladder or in room tours, but rather the list of the most threatening. There are some common Pokemon (cough lycanroc...
  7. Brambane

    New Name and Profile Change Requests [READ THE OP]

    Would like my name changed to Brambane - it's my steam account name so I would like it to be consistent with what I use on Smogon and Steam. Also because numbers are bad and people don't take you as seriously from my experience 9.9
  8. Brambane

    Metagame SM RU - RU Alpha Discussion - Month 2

    If you are feeling spicy and want to have some fun on the ladder or in room tours, give this bug a spin Venomoth @ Poisonium Z Ability: Tinted Lens EVs: 252 SpA / 4 SpD / 252 Spe Timid Nature IVs: 0 Atk - Sleep Powder - Quiver Dance - Bug Buzz - Sludge Bomb Put something to sleep, Quiver...
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    ^Sure, but you will need approval from a LC CC leader
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    I am no longer working on Crabrawler. The skeleton is done, someone else can take the reigns if they would like. The Pokemon isn't defining the meta anytime soon so there is no rush to getting this analysis out imo
  11. Brambane

    Crabrawler (QC: 1/3)

    Made the suggested changes I am no longer working on this analysis, pass it on to someone else. I will post in the reservation thread as well
  12. Brambane

    Announcement Goons and Balloons Suspect (Gothita banned! Drifloon still banned!)

    They why did we choose to suspect them at the same time rather than doing trappers first? Trappers have always been a controversial issue. If trapper(s) are an issue without Drifloon and get banned, then we can test if Drifloon is broken without trappers present. If trappers are not banned, then...
  13. Brambane

    Different litters

    Intentional siblicide (so not baby mantises eating each other because they are there) is actually pretty rare outside of avians. The reason why it is so common in birds is because, if resources are readily available, the cost to produce and incubate an egg is low enough to justify producing an...
  14. Brambane

    Crabrawler (QC: 1/3)

    This is more or less ready for for Quality Control; I am Brambane on discord if you want to talk to me there
  15. Brambane

    Resource LC SuMo Viability Rankings (updated @ post #204)

    I agree that Timburr definitely needs to rise. I think Guts combined with the nerf to burn damage has been a huge boon to Timburr, making it an even more reliable status absorber. Some in the metagame have also been very favorable to it compared to other Fighting-types. I don't think it is...
  16. Brambane

    Crabrawler (QC: 1/3)

    [OVERVIEW] Reaches 17 Speed and Attack Defenses are passable, but not great Hyper Cutter is useful, but not amazing; Iron Fist is effectively useless on Crabrawler Can beat Pokemon that give other Fighting-types trouble, such as Mudbray and Mareanie Overshadowed by Mienfoo, Croagunk and Timburr...
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    Semester ends tomorrow, I would like Crabrawler OPproved
  18. Brambane

    Resource LC SuMo Viability Rankings (updated @ post #204)

    I am not exactly nominating it here, but I am curious why Gothita isn't S-rank? Especially when it has been attributed to a lot of Pokemon dropping and the overall strength of trapping in general.
  19. Brambane

    Project PS! Importable Movesets

    In all honesty, Crabrawler is not a bad Pokemon. It's biggest problem is that other Fighting-types are so good that it is hard to justify using Crabrawler outside of novelty. Not being able to learn Drain Punch and Knock Off hurts its potential as a bulky attacker. However, as a strictly...
  20. Brambane

    Project Victim of the Week (Week 1: Pawniard)

    these are fun Houndour @ Firium Z Ability: Flash Fire Level: 5 EVs: 36 Def / 196 SpA / 36 SpD / 236 Spe Timid Nature IVs: 0 Atk - Fire Blast - Sunny Day - Solar Beam - Dark Pulse This Houndour counters Pawniard while pooping on its lawn because you can't knock off Z-Stones. +2 Sucker Punch...