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  1. D4RR3N

    Total Destruction (Peaked #4)

    Introduction So yeah, what's up against smogon. I, D4RR3N is back with another RMT, this time being a team for the RU tier. Being encouraged by users yee, Upstart and DittoCrow to start playing RU, and after watching some of the RU battles and found them being interesting, I decided to dip my...
  2. D4RR3N

    Mr. Simple (Peaked #5)

    Introduction Sup people. After months of playing OU, I decided it's time for me to try out a different tier as OU is pretty boring. I spent some time browsing through the smogon tier lists, and eventually, I decided UU shall be the tier I'll be going with. So I decided I need a team, but I...
  3. D4RR3N

    BW LC Lil Kidz On The Block (Peaked #1)

    Introduction: Sup Smogon. I've been playing Little Cup for 3-4 months now(being brought into the tier by fuckin psykout), and got pretty good at it. I've made a decent amount of LC teams to date, but this is by far the most successful team I've used in the tier, peaking #1 on the Smogon Pokemon...
  4. D4RR3N

    Vortex Of Decimation (Peaked 1400s)

    Sup smogon. This is a team i made around ago originally for the suspect votings, but my internet went down like the day before the the suspect votings end, so i ended up being close to hitting reqs. This is a Hyper Offense Team made based on Mixed Infernape, a pokemon that shined like a star in...
  5. D4RR3N

    Team Ultimate Pwnage

    Sup people. This is a team i worked with my tutor, AndViet a while ago. It's a bulky offensive rain team, and i peaked at a rating of 1350 with this team(Or somewhere around that). After playing this team for a while, i realized Jellicent being a huge problem to this team, considering Rotom-W...
  6. D4RR3N

    Dat SandStorm

  7. D4RR3N

    Dat SandStorm

    Sup Smogon. A while ago, i decided on working on a Bulky Offensive SandStorm team and after fixing it a bit, it looked pretty good so i decided to ladder with it. So I did a few battles with it but it turned out pretty badly. But anyways, here i present you my Sand team. Tyranitar (M) @...
  8. D4RR3N

    Rain Rain Rain

    Hey people. This is my second RMT on smogon. It's an BW rain team made around gastrodon. Anyway, on to the team :P Team Building Process: One Day i was chillin on purplesurge irc with friends and a friend of mine which is TheMasterOfOz on smogon, decided to make a rain team with me around...
  9. D4RR3N

    Standard SS team

    Hey Guys this is my first time posting on smogon.I usually ladder on smogon server and hang around the purplesurge irc all the time. Ok , so i was trying to work on a sandstorm team a while ago(after chomp ban) and apparently i made this team and it's considered pretty successful compared with...