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  1. n64lord

    Other Monotype Ghost -Stalling guide

    Monotype rules are still located here So ghost is often looked on as being on the low end side of viability, but in actual fact, it has mostly 40-60% matchups across the board. For all that it can't win by a huge margin, it also dosen't tend to lose by very much either. Another thing about the...
  2. n64lord

    Other Monotype Water - Project Reality I don't like the text formating we used there, so basically, all pokemon on a team must share a type, mega evolutions are counted by base type (no charizard X on dragon, can still use mega altaria on...
  3. n64lord

    Other Monotype Psychic Peaked 16

    I can't log onto pokemon showdown because the problems with it seem to be taking longer to sort out in my area. Regardless here is one of my two "main" teams. Fighter's Destiny (Medicham) @ Medichamite Ability: Huge Power EVs: 252 atk / 4 SpD / 252 SpE Jolly Nature -High Jump Kick -Ice Punch...