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  1. hansenchaze

    Dark Merchant- Complete Dex Arena(UNDER CONSTRUCTION)

    Welcome to my DEX SHOP! Where balls matter! Trainer info: FC: 4613-7604-2798 IGN: Chaze Timezone: EST Version: X Read First: No hacks. Powersave is fine. No clones neither(except for vivilions and kalos legendaries) as I have tons of them before powersave came out. But if you insist, clones to...
  2. hansenchaze

    Chaze, The "Dark Merchant" (X and Y) UPDATES:400+ Shinies and 6IV JPN dittos

    STATUS: OPEN. Check the Database above the reddit exchange link. Trainer Info: 3DS Name: DarkChaser IGN: Chaze ID No: 35405 Shiny Value: 3605 Location: North America Trainer Info: 2DS Name: DarkShadow IGN: DarkShadow ID No: 47003 Shiny Value: 289 Location: North America...