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  1. Stall is coming

    Other Metagames (#PEAK 1) RMT: Trick Room in MnM.

    INTRODUCTION As Sticky Web is the dominant playstyle at the moment in Mix and Mega (not for long :puff:), speed is very important now (that's why kartana diancite is sometime played over the metagrossite set...). I wanted to play against this metagame, that's why i decided to build a TR . PEAK...
  2. Stall is coming

    Rejected Expose the moveset with Ditto

    When you play ditto, you can scout the moveset of the opponent. It is possible to expose (to the players and the spectators) the moveset as soon as ditto comes in the terrain ? I find that it somehow frustrating when I see a battle (not mine) with ditto and I don't see the moveset as much as...
  3. Stall is coming

    Other Metagames (#PEAK 1) RMT: Ditto Semi-Stall in MnM.

    INTRODUCTION Hi everyone, 7G will end soon and I really like to play this metagame. I almost play with this team since 2 years. I built it for the suspect of Marshadow. So it resists to the ban of Marshadow, Shadow Tag, Deoxys-S, Pidgeotite, Naganadel and Landorus-T. PEAK TEAMBUILDING...