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    Mono Doubles Tour (Round 1)

    Approved by: Dream Eater Gengar & scpinion Hello and welcome to the very first official tour for monotype doubles. This tour will be a single elimination best of 3 tournament. A bracket will be generated using a random generator. Resources for this tour can be found here. Deadline will be a...
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    Monotype Doubles Mega Thread

    Welcome To Monotype Doubles :D (Credit: Sobi ) This thread will be hosting Monotype Doubles, feel free to post discussion, VR noms, and also sample teams. I like monotype, but i know nothing about doubles? Well that's perfectly fine. You've come to the right place. Unlike on cartridge style...
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    ORAS Doubles OU Scary Monsters and A Nice Sprite

    Banner by: rozes Intro: Hey guys, this is my first RMT been wanting to do one for awhile. This one is to celebrate me reaching 200 posts on Smogon. Any of my doubles friends, this team may look very familiar because I've been using it for a good amount of time now. This team originated during...
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    Tournament RU Conquest #2(Won by: Syncrasy)

    Approved by: Molk & atomicllamas, original by: Lolk, Also credit Leer for RU Conquest #1 (Art from last conquest) The Goal: The goal of this tour is to be the last man standing, you must collect all the mons. Participants will be assigned the mons from the RU Viability Ranks the mons assigned...