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  1. VGC Tiers

    Hello all. From reading the title, and the name of the user that posted this, one could assume it would be a pretty instant locked thread. Yet this is not QUITE as crazy as it sounds. I propose that VGC have tiers similar to those of the Single battles. These tiers would exist solely to show...
  2. Chansey (Placeholder)

    Just a placeholder. I will get started on this pretty soon
  3. Chuppa/Drifblim's Vgc Providence(finished 1st place)

    Hello, comrades! This is a warstory. About VGC 2012. Let's start with the team! Gelatinus Reuniclus@Life Orb Magic Guard Quiet 252 HP, 52 def, 10 sp atk, 196 sp def Trick Room Psychic Focus Blast Protect This set conveniently allows guaranteed non-crit survival from max attack Tyranitar's...
  4. Summon the Perfect Storm!- Play! Pokemon article on FL Regional Master Winner That is the link to the article on Team works out nice ways to spam EQ, though I like to see slightly more creative movesets. Oh well, the gent won!