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  1. Eating Animals

  2. Hot Takes

    i feel personally attacked. was i ur best friend in elementary school or something
  3. Challenge emerald kaizo nuzlocke

    Brawley -- i end up losing meowth to May. that was annoying. Then i lose my dang weepinbel (which i expected to carry me through the fighting gym) to an aqua grunt on dewford. son of a bitch. i catch a machop in the grass and decide to raise it up with a ton of grinding in the whismur cave...
  4. Challenge emerald kaizo nuzlocke

    vs roxanne recap: team: lv 23 weepinbell (belly) - vine whip - acid - sweet scent - body slam lv 22 omanyte (lord helix) - bubblebeam - rock tomb - aurora beam - bite lv 18 meowth (thats right) - pay day - bite - swift - faint attack lv 22 combusken (forgot to nickname) - flame wheel -...
  5. Challenge emerald kaizo nuzlocke

    im gonna try this game out. ill stream it here: idk if this is even allowed here so delete if you want..or watch if you want.
  6. itt: movie/film discussion (spoilers lol)

    you forgot the lobster
  7. Serious 2020 Democratic Primary Thread

    you gotta be a real clown to think this guy or trump should be leading a country.
  8. Abortion: The Thread

    well i do agree that the republicans who fight tooth and nail against abortion and then try to take away social systems to those burdened with taking care of a family without a safety net are poisonous to society. we can touch that topic because it is absurd BUT its disingenuous to say that...
  9. Abortion: The Thread

    i think you're disregarding the idea that some people believe in souls and mysticism. ill state for the record again just to not show bias, im pretty much just like joe biden in this issue (im pro-choice because in my opinion you shouldn't be able to enforce your values on anyone else, but in my...
  10. drugs thread

    when i quit this site i basically became completely fascinated with drugs and tried to do as much as i could to better understand myself. ive done some pretty heroic doses at music festivals (which is an A+ experience; a few months ago i took handfuls of two different types of mushrooms, 2 lines...