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  1. Garchomp for president

    ORAS UU Second Class Threat

    Hello guys, I have a team I have been doing reletively well in and is one of my favorite teams I have made in ORAS. This is my first legit UU team since break from competetive battling, but I am pretty happy with the results I am getting from this team. I do however, feel like it can be improved...
  2. Garchomp for president

    [UU Beta] Jirachi and Threats

    Jirachi and Terrakion need to be banned. They are too good for UU. Terrakion is blazing fast, and Jirachi is a great Wish passer. Terrakion @ Focus Sash Ability: Justified EVs: 252 Spd / 252 Atk / 4 SDef Jolly Nature - Stealth Rock - Taunt - Close Combat - Stone Edge Terrakion tends to not...
  3. Garchomp for president

    Stepping Stones (And Spikes) - A guide to Little Cup Entry Hazards

    Stepping Stones(And Spikes) - A Guide to Little Cup Entry Hazards 1.What are Hazards? 2.Setters 3.Phazers 4.Magic Bouncers 5.Spinners 6.Spin Blockers 7.Fitting all this on your team 8.In Short What are Hazards For those new to competetive battling, Hazards damage opponent's...
  4. Garchomp for president

    Skorupi (BW2 Revamp)

    Skorupi (BW2 Revamp):Hazard phazer QC 0/3 GP 0/2 [Overview] Amazing 90 Defence A Godsend in the form of 4x's resistance to fighting Since its a phazer, it can opens up moveslots for teamates that would normaly phaze Competitively, it does not fear many types Knock off wrecks 99.99% of the...
  5. Garchomp for president

    Cresselia Calm Mind

    [Set] Name: Calm Mind Move1: Calm Mind Move2: Moonlight Move3: Thunderbolt Move4: Ice Beam Ability: Levitate Ev Spread: 252 HP/ 252 Def/ 4 SpD (Bold) Can wall almost the whole tier and can easily set up Calm Minds and procide to wreak havoc and wall any and all Special attackers...
  6. Garchomp for president

    Porygon2, The Coded Computer.

    Foreward I wanted to base a team on porgon2's amazing sweeping capabilities and how much of a tank he is so without further ado... Porgon2@Evoilet Download Modest Nature 252 HP/ 252 SpA/ 4 SpD Tri Attack Ice Beam Thunderbolt Recover An amazing tank that is a threat to all. I have a special...
  7. Garchomp for president

    Hyperoffence + Pivots=My team.

    Sawk and Friends Foreword This is my Sawk and friends team it has decent succsess in PS and I really would like to know what you think you can do to help it and what do you think should be my 6th poke. I have one but it dosent really work out a lot so that's why I'm asking you. I would like it...
  8. Garchomp for president

    PU tier on PS(Pokemon Showdown)

    If anyone reading this would like to see a PU tier on smogons PS please respond with another idea for PU or a way PU could make its way to being an official tier.:naughty: