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  1. Dragon-Shinobi

    D-S' Trading Kiosk

    Rules and Guidelines No hacks! Should be obvious if you're on these boards. I have the right to refuse any offers. No means no, sorry. Proper grammar is preferred. I understand if English isn't your first language though. No nicknames please, preferably the 'mons regular name, not all...
  2. Dragon-Shinobi

    Class of 2011 (OU)

    Introduction This is my first RMT. I’ve been lurking on Smogon since D/P came out, mostly in the WiFi section. I’ve done a lot testing on Shoddy, but I use PO now. Last night I won an OU tournament on Smogon’s server, with the first team I made for 5th gen. The main idea was to use frail but...