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    RMT: Team Geass - 1k of the Rebellion

    JIPUN WO~ First of all, this is a 1k post. It's also an RMT, which is much more important. As you can see, this is a team based on Code Geass, which is a really good anime series you should watch. More importantly, this is a balanced anti-weather (mainly anti-rain) team with the offensive...
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    30 Turn Chaos

    PAST 1337 VIEWS Yes, it's closely fought, it's brilliantly played, it's full of surprises approximately every 12 turns, and both players made less than 30 moves. NO forfeiting in this match! Disclaimer: Product may contain trace amounts of hax. Battle between b07 and min min...
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    RMT: Team Trifecto (peaked top 150)

    Team Trifecto ------- About the team: This team is an attempt to systemise balanced offence, which seems to be the dominant playstyle at the moment. It's hard to blame anyone, since sandstorm dominates hyper offence through Excadrill's extreme speed, and stall has already been...
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    THE ORDER OF THE PHOENIX: a generation 5 wifi team

    THE ORDER OF THE PHOENIX a generation 5 wifi team *** First of all, I am not a Harry Potter fan. The theme for this team was chosen only because it would look and sound epic. It has no effect on what the team actually is whatsoever. Now, on to the team: ..... *** Team building process...
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    *insert pun about sand and stall*

    Hi guys, this is my first warstory, but you can be as critical as you want. Let's hope I get the formatting right here... About the teams and such: I'm running my first stall team, and it's been doing okay so far. Here it is: Deoxys-D, lead spiker and Magic Coat user. Jirachi...