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  1. Dexit discussion thread

    Gamefreak owns 33% of TPCI.They aren't a small indie studio at the mercy of an uncaring boss,they are the boss.
  2. Sword & Shield **Official news only** DLC Isle of Armour 17th June

    Corviknight is awesome.The rest was disappointing.
  3. Unpopular opinions

    The mc is supposed to be a self insert.Giving it this much backstory would be bad.
  4. Unpopular opinions

  5. Unpopular opinions

    Fuck that guy.He was the worst person TPC could've picked to make a pokémon anime.The only thing worse than him and his stupid ideas is his moronic fanbase.If you think the ashnime we got is crap,read his original ideas and sigh in relief.
  6. SPOILERS! Pokemon Sun and Moon Full Game Datamine General Discussion Thread

    Torracat Spe: 90 Incineroar Spe: 60 But most of them are UB-xx
  7. Gen VII: Pokemon Sun and Moon Discussion MKIII *Official Media Only*

    Alolan Persian is a genius design.It's a fat deformed parody that makes you yearn for the old version.
  8. Gen VII: Pokemon Sun and Moon Discussion MKII

    Kommo-o looks much better in-game.Corocoro shouldn't have used that stupid pose. Anyone else thinks Kommo-o's signature attack is reverse psyshock?
  9. Gen VII: Pokemon Sun and Moon Discussion MKII

    When i saw Silvadi,i knew nothing else in the Corocoro could top it.And unfortunately,i was right.Jarango is okay,but Jararanga is ugly.The awkward limbs ruin it.
  10. Gen VII: Pokemon Sun and Moon Discussion MKII

    Dartrix is cool.Torracat was disappointing.Brionne needs this
  11. Gen VII: Pokemon Sun and Moon Discussion MKII

    The first thing that comes to my mind when i think of fire type marowak: I hope Gamefreak learned something after the failure that was Emboar.
  12. Pokémon with nonsensical Stats

    Spe:100 How can this fatass be faster than Genesect,Yveltal,Hydreigon,Sharpedo,Rayquaza,Yanmega,Arcanine and Lucario?
  13. Unpopular opinions

    Finding a good Johto pokemon in Johto would be a nice change of pace
  14. SPOILERS! Mysteries and Conspiracies of Pokemon

    I think the star pattern is a result of convergent evolution.Star pokemon are psychic type,so the star attracts ghost types.Ghost types are easy prey for all three.(Sharpedo and Crawdaunt have STAB,Garchonp learns Crunch naturally and is strong).The star can also attract electric types to...
  15. Pokémon Movepool Oddities & Explanations

    I can understand GF not giving DD to Garchomp,but Flygon is really that OP? That's the worst you could think?Imagine Shell Smash Mega Salamence.
  16. Gen VII: Pokémon Sun and Moon (New info Post #5834)

    This game is set in the Mega timeline or in the good one? Staraptor was a better in-game than Talonflame.Talonflame needs HA,Staraptor doesn't. Unless this guy gets a pre evo you will get only 2
  17. Do you prefer newer or older games?

    Gen 5(B2W2).Great mechanics,good pokemon distribution,good history and no stupid mega or fairy type bullshit.
  18. Unpopular opinions

    Can you list them?
  19. What makes a Pokémon fun to use in-game?

    I choose pokemon because of their power and usefulness.