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  1. Aviator99

    Adventure Game Ahoy!

    I wasn't sure whether this should go in Smeargle's Studio or not, but I've seen similar threads about music so, why not games? That's right folks, I've changed my occupation from low grade Pokemon Rapper to trying my hand at game creation. This is my latest project, which I've been working on...
  2. Aviator99

    The Relic Castle Gift Shop

    Welcome to... The Relic Castle Gift Shop! Greetings weary net pedestrians! Welcome to my (and Spartan123's) humble (and quite buried) trade thread! Though we don't have too much in stock as of right now, I hope we can make up for that with the quality of our pokemon! I can indeed RNG breed and...
  3. Aviator99

    Strange Moves

    Hello everybody, my name is Aviator99, and I'm relatively new to Smogon. I usually hang around the wifi forum on here, but I thought I'd stray from my usual haunt to discuss something interesting I've noticed. In the game of Pokemon, the Pokemon usually had moves that stayed pretty static to...