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  1. Ironstrongma

    Paying for internet services such as Youtube/ E-mails, etc.

    To be honest I think emails and YouTube and Facebook should be free. They are making so much money in ad revenue that doesn't bother the user much that it would be business suicide to begin charging for it. Everyone takes it for granted and if the email services were charged another free one...
  2. Ironstrongma

    Compulsory Military Service

    In my opinion I think that people shouldn't be forced to serve in the military just because I think that it's an unnecessary policy to have. Certainly the militaries of quite a few countries are large enough without conscripting the whole population for five years when they reach a certain age...
  3. Ironstrongma

    Videogame thread

    I think you have to at least try a moba on Steam whether it's Dota 2, League Of Legends or Smite (preferably Dota in my opinion but this is pure bias). Civ 5 is another essential again and I think most people played TF2 when they started on Steam, I know I did. Maybe GTA5 or Garry's Mod but I...
  4. Ironstrongma

    Poetry Thread

    Wow you're damn good you need to record them if you haven't
  5. Ironstrongma

    Favourite artist or band?

    Whats your favourite artist/band and their best track?
  6. Ironstrongma

    2016 musics

    I don't think this has been mentioned yet but Sia Cheap Thrills is one of my favourite songs rn
  7. Ironstrongma

    Thanks :)

    Thanks :)
  8. Ironstrongma

    Let's see your handwriting

    Here's mine :)
  9. Ironstrongma

    Can I have advice on helping others with depression

    One of my friends was heavily affected by depression a few months ago. She was so unhappy and dissatisfied with her life that she was contemplating taking her own life. Fortunately she opened up about her struggle to myself and a counsellor. Mainly due to the counsellor she was mostly able to...
  10. Ironstrongma

    Thank you :)

    Thank you :)
  11. Ironstrongma

    Nm I'm just trying to learn how this site works cause one of my friends told me to sign up so...

    Nm I'm just trying to learn how this site works cause one of my friends told me to sign up so I'm just browsing really. How are you :)