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  1. Tøp Tier

    Other Metagames [BH] Mono-Starter (Peaked not very high)

    As part of a very important scientific experiment, I'm working to build the optimal BH team of Gen 1 and Gen 2 starters. So far the results are about what you'd expect. I think I hit just above 1400 once. Set suggestions appreciated. "Use better Pokemon" suggestions will land you on my "people...
  2. Tøp Tier

    Other Metagames Rainbois Fortemons [Top 10, 1400+]

    RAINBOIS (For Fortemons OMOTM) Fortemons, the brand new OM that debuted this month, seemed like a really fun challenge to build in. Any team that wanted to make it seemed it would have to prepare for powerful priority spam, as well as tons of Tapu Lele counterspam. The first Pokemon I messed...
  3. Tøp Tier

    SM UU My First UU: Dirty Stall and a Krook (Peak 1500)

    Introduction Hi RMT! I've been playing PS for about a year now, but mostly just randbats and a couple OM's. I decided a fun way to branch out into more competitive tiers and learn some would be to try and teambuild and play my way up to 1500 ELO (above the decay cutoff) on as many tiers as I...