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  1. MrPug

    General Introduce yourself!

    Lol, I know what I said. I had him on a mixed field wipe set in gen 3 with STAB Surf and Earthquake. It was GLORIOUS. Made me sad when they made Surf hit your buddy in Gen 4, but I got over it with Water Absorb Mantine. YES, Gen 3 respect! :D And Mega-Bee is a certified BEAST, imho. Would...
  2. MrPug

    ORAS UU Works for me thus far, but...

    These are some pretty solid ideas. I'll try rolling both and see what feels right. Pity I can't keep the Forretress Suicide Bomb though. I love throwing it at CM glass cannons. :D
  3. MrPug

    Show off your funny and/or amazing battles here!

    This guy's definitely got holiday SPIRIT. ba-dum-TISS Decently built, even if it WAS supposed to be a joke team.
  4. MrPug

    ORAS UU Works for me thus far, but...

    Cannon Bug (Forretress) @ Custap Berry Ability: Sturdy EVs: 252 Atk / 4 SpD / 252 Spe Adamant Nature - Stealth Rock - Rapid Spin - Toxic Spikes - Explosion I went with Forretress mostly for his utility with hazards, and his ability to take out most hyper-offensive leads. He's a hazard...
  5. MrPug

    General Introduce yourself!

    Yo. I'm Pug, been playing Pokemon since gen 1, which naturally means I'm OOOOOOOOOOOOOOLD (25) :(. Got on PS! last week and mostly been sticking around the UU tier, mostly due to my phobia of people spamming OP legendaries all day. *cough*MegaRayquaza*cough* Having said that, I'm mostly just...
  6. MrPug

    Loafing around

    Loafing around
  7. MrPug

    General What brought you to Smogon?

    I follow Haydunn on YouTube and saw his tiered Wi-Fi matches. Since it wasn't pitting teams of legendaries or blatant hacks (Aeroblast Magikarp? Really?) against each other, as was my prior experiences with playing Pokemon, I thought it'd be worth a look. Thus far, I'm far from disappointed. :D