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  1. ZandgaiaX

    This is my last resort! (An UU warstory)

    Zandgaia's moves will look like this. Axis44's moves will look like this. other text will look like this. Leftovers will be removed. Sandstorm/hail damage will be removed. Scores will be shown after each KO. Teams will be shown at the end. My comments will look like this...
  2. ZandgaiaX

    No-Stab Tournament Team, Beta 1.2

    Welcome Welcome! This team is made for a No-Stab Tournament, so please don't suggest STAB moves :) All STAB attacks are forbidden, but semi-damaging move (Leech seed, toxic) aren't on that pokemon, stat up moves are also not forbidden on the pokemon, At a Glance: In-Depth: @Lum Berry...