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  1. TheHoodedGamer

    VGC Turning up the heat with Mega Charizard Y!

    Hi everybody! It's TheHoodedGamer here with my 5th RMT! I haven't posted a RMT in a while and I thought that this team could be my next. I have had reasonable success but any help would be appreciated :D Well, I'm not paralyzed But, I seem to be struck by you I wanna make you move Because...
  2. TheHoodedGamer

    ORAS OU Fear The Thunder!

    Hello everybody, TheHoodedGamer here again to showcase one of my newest teams! I love this team and it has fares decently well but I know there is things to improve. Any and all feedback is helpful! Manectric (M) @ Manectite Ability: Lightning Rod EVs: 4 Def / 252 SpA / 252 Spe Timid Nature -...
  3. TheHoodedGamer

    VGC Mega Gallade is Prime

    Hello Smogon! It's TheHoodedGamer here and I'm showcasing my first VGC team. Like I said, it's my first VGC with help from some people on Smogon, specifically my friend AceTrainerBen1, who is ranked 6 best VGC player in Washington. Might as well get on with the team! Seto Kaiba (Gallade) @...
  4. TheHoodedGamer

    ORAS OU The Mega Bunny is Here!

    Hello guys! It's psychodude11 or TheHoodedGamer from Pokémon Showdown and this is my second RMT but my first OU RMT. I've been playing quite a lot and my team has been modified quite a bit and this is what it has become. So let's get with the first Pokémon! Lopunny (F) @ Lopunnite Ability...
  5. TheHoodedGamer

    ORAS Ubers First RMT: Mewtwo X Team

    Hello everybody, my name is TheHoodedGamer, or psychodude11, here to bring you one of my teams. Now I'm fairly new to the concept of competitive battling, but this team has done quite well (as in from high 1200s to low 1300s). Now lets get on with it, shall we? Changes are in Bold. In Depth...