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  1. Menshay

    Policy Review Stage Adjustments and Quality Control

    Which is also true for abilities and a major reason for several of the bans (Huge Power, Fluffy). With this in mind, have there ever been proposals about parallelizing stages? Co-designing abilities, movepool and statistics with all the parts giving each other partial real-time feedback...
  2. Menshay

    Gen 8 CAP Updates - Justyke Ability Poll

  3. Menshay

    CAP Prevos - Monohm & Duohm - Ability Discussion

    I disagree with Fluffy because it is strongly linked to "physical" fur (only the Bewear and Dubwool lines get it) rather to something as incorporeal as a cloud; its added Fire weakness also makes little sense for a cloud. If Damp is to be replaced Cloud Nine seems fine.
  4. Menshay

    CAP Prevos - Monohm & Duohm - Typing Poll

    Electric/Dragon -> Electric/Dragon
  5. Menshay

    CAP Prevos - Monohm & Duohm - Typing Discussion

    I would keep Electric/Dragon throughout the whole line, since I feel Monohm's facial features are sharp/reptilian/draconic enough. Its visual departure from its following stages is far smaller than Trapinch's, and Altaria is overall an exception to how Dragon-types usually look like.
  6. Menshay

    CAP Prevos - Monohm & Duohm - Art Submissions

    Does Monohm have back legs, or not? The artwork provided in the opening post suggests the latter but the sprite suggests the former.
  7. Menshay

    CAP Prevo - Nohface - Shiny Palette Poll 1

    Gleeboop Slapperfish
  8. Menshay

    Policy Review The Over Tuning of CAP Creations

    Consider these points in a very general manner. A point I noticed after my previous analysis: the recent high-BST period I noticed coincides with the XY/SM era which due to Mega Evolution had much higher BSTs in non-Uber tiers. Now that Mega Evolutions are not currently in the game I guess this...
  9. Menshay

    Policy Review The Over Tuning of CAP Creations

    More on the BST issue. CAPNameBST>540Notes 1Syclant555X 2Revenankh525 3Pyroak540 4Fidgit555X 5Stratagem535 6Arghonaut555X 7Kitsunoh513 8Cyclohm548X 9Colossoil565X 10Krilowatt570X 11Voodoom550X 12Tomohawk535 13Necturna547Xused to be 570 14Mollux535 15Aurumoth600Xdescribed as pseudo-legendary...
  10. Menshay

    Language Exchange

    Highlighting the "indo-european" part because I feel it is important to note that despite differences with varying degrees of superficiality Germanic and Romance languages do share a common ancestry and therefore several grammatical features. A relevant part of English vocabulary has also been...
  11. Menshay

    CAP Prevo - Nohface - Art Poll

    Gravity Monkey
  12. Menshay

    CAP Prevo - Nohface Ability Discussion

    I dislike Rattled because it is usually reserved for Pokémon who have reasons to be easily scared, and Nohface looks more scary than easily scared. Frisk/Limber/Cursed Body seems fine, or Rattled can be reversed into Frisk/Limber/Unnerve.
  13. Menshay

    Flash CAP Pokédex

    Are these being archived in a more persistent storage? Right now this unnamed one has its artwork unavailable, so do Chamereon's recolours, and Cnidali's artwork requires accessing a site with an untrusted certificate to be viewed.
  14. Menshay

    CaP Prevos - Nohface Typing Discussion

    Pure Ghost seems the most natural, and I cannot see anything Normal in Nohface's design. If a strong necessity to have a dual typing is felt I could see Dark/Ghost fitting somewhat, but again, this time I don't see any need to overcomplicate things.
  15. Menshay

    CAP 27 Prevo - Part 5 - Name Poll 1

    Axolar Cintilla Eftrelle Heliotl Solotl
  16. Menshay

    Other More time for Art and 3d process

    If the current proposals of having a preliminary competitive movepool (e.g. this) will be accepted, I think it could be possible to close the art submission stage after the preliminary movepool is decided. This would add more time to the art submission stage, and would allow submitters to take...
  17. Menshay

    Policy Review Cascading CAP Processes

    Having a more detailed outline/chart of the current process would be definitely useful, possibly including timeframes for both discussion and polling stages (including overlaps, if any); so far I have only found the process guide. That said, I echo the sentiment that a permanent cascade with...
  18. Menshay

    CAP 27 Prevo - Part 7 - Movepool Submissions

    Final Submission Acrobatics Agility Ally Switch Attract Baton Pass Breaking Swipe Charm Cosmic Power Dazzling Gleam Defog Draco Meteor Dragon Breath Dragon Pulse Dragon Rush Dragon Tail Ember Encore Endure Explosion Facade Fire Blast Fire Lash Fire Spin Flamethrower Flame Wheel Flare...