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  1. ArchPhantom

    ORAS OU Dancing Darks

    Introduction: Hey n_n after a long ass hiatus, I make a return with my 4th RMT! Lemme give you a little backstory to the team. Basically, after witnessing the countless fatass CM spam teams (you know those M-Latias + Clef + fat shit), the M-Zam balances, the Tornadus-T's, and the fatchomps, I...
  2. ArchPhantom

    ORAS OU Power Bunny Pop! - An OU Balance Team (Peaked #24)

    Hello, everyone. My third RMT is here and ready. You may have guessed from the title that the team is around a bunny of sorts, and yes, you are correct. That bunny is Mega-Freaking-Lopunny. This team was kinda thrown together for the suspect ladder but it surprisingly (nah, I'm a lord...
  3. ArchPhantom

    ORAS OU Grenade Goes Boom! - A Balanced Team (Hit OU Top 30)

    Hello, everyone I'm back for my second rmt and am really excited about this one. The following team is probably one of my most solid and successful OR/AS teams, getting me to the top 30 on my alt TheMundane, as well as in and out (hax I love you) of the top 100 on my main, lol. It basically is...
  4. ArchPhantom

    ORAS OU The Abandoned Bride: Mega Gardevoir (Reached Top 100)

    Hello, everyone. This is my first RMT so bear with me. Ok, so I noticed some trends happening in the current OR/AS meta. First one was stall/semi-stall, sometimes with Mega Sableye, which is quite deadly (I would know; hit top 40 with M sableye team but hax is my best friend..). Second was...