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    Other [Gen 7 CAP] Momentum Mayhem (ft. HP Ground Torn-T)

    Momentum Mayhem Importable Hi all, this is RSQ and here is my second RMT (my last one was like a year ago). This time I'm showing a bulky offense team centered around grabbing momentum for the breakers, Tornadus-T and Heatran. It features multiple U-turn pivots (Colossoil, Kitsunoh, and...
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    Tapu Fini [QC:1/3]

    [OVERVIEW] - Tapu Fini is a bulky Defogger that is able to blanket check a wide variety of Pokemon, such as Syclant, Ash-Greninja, and Volkraken. - Its Water/Fairy typing is great in a metagame full of Dragon, Dark, Fighting, and Water types. This allows it to Defog reliably on a multitude of...
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    RMT A Mega Crucibelle + Tomohawk Balance

    Edit: Updated the sets and descriptions for post-update. Hello, Cap-pers! I present to you my first ever RMT! Most of you in the CAP room recognize me as a casual chatter who occasionally ladders. I've had some success with this team and even peaked #1 on the CAP ladder with it. But enough...
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    [Monotype/Steel] Excadrill [QC: 0/3][GP: 0/2]

    [QC: 0/3] x / x / x [GP: 0/2] x / x [OVERVIEW] **Steel** ~ Excadrill acts as one of the best revenge killers for steel, with its high base attack and decent speed when equipped with a choice scarf, allowing it to outspeed and check multiple threats to the team, such as infernape, Volcanion...