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  1. megacyber

    Metagross [0/2]

    Metagross [OVERVIEW] Metagross has a real good matchup against psychic spam, which is super hot rn Its bulky af, can tank lando t earthquakes for example wide movepool, can run moves to lure in and wreck some common switch ins. its speed combined with its typing make it easy to support in a...
  2. megacyber


    [OVERVIEW] -One of the fastest fake outs in the game -great offensive typing with relevant super effective coverage on some top tier threats -very frail, will be ohkod by p much anything that it doesnt resist -its speed is def good, but there are a lot of rly good faster threats (skymin, mence...
  3. megacyber

    Doubles OU 2016 Calendar

    Many of you have requested a sexy doubles OU calendar. Here is a sexy doubles OU calendar for the year of 2016:
  4. megacyber

    Rotom-Heat qc 2/3 write up kinda in progress

    qc 2/3 [Overview] Rotom Heat's claim to fame is its Electric/Fire typing, which combined with levitate, allows it to check many of Doubles OU's top-tier threats, including Mega Charizard Y, Aegislash, Mega Metagross, Amoonguss, Venusaur, and Thundurus. Especially useful is its ability to beat...