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  1. pokemaster649

    3rd time at regionals, 1st time at Nats! :D

    After regionals was over and went 6-2, and went 4th place at pleasanton. I started practicing way earlier than most people... making my team counter several things and threats that I couldn't do at pleasanton. Took me like a month to finish to actually know what problems I have been having and I...
  2. pokemaster649

    Just for fun, possibly a nats team

    Ok, guys, as the title says, this is just for fun. I just put some stuff on there, and it seems pretty good. But I don't how good it is. Hitmontop item: fighting gem trait: intimidate nature: adamant evs: 236 hp, 252 atk, 20 spd moves: close combat wide guard fake out sucker punch As you can...
  3. pokemaster649

    Rate my nats team!!!!!!

    as some of you guys know me from my previous rmt thread: Zapdos item: sitrus berry nature: modest trait: pressure evs: 140 hp, 252 sp. atk, 116 spd moves: Thunderbolt tailwind heat wave protect I chose Zapdos because my team needs a...
  4. pokemaster649

    My very first warstory- pleasanton warstory, 4th place!!

    My best team out of the three teams I had in the past years Terrakion - best fake out counter and pokemon I ever had Cresselia- She is my tw user and pretty good bulky pokemon (she's the mvp). Zapdos- I may not use this guy very much, but he is useful. Latios- One of my major...
  5. pokemaster649

    Please rate my team!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I've just changed my team, if you want to see the original team here you go: Zapdos item: sitrus berry ability: pressure nature: modest evs:4 hp, 252 sp. atk, 252 spd moves: thunderbolt tailwind heat wave protect I chose Zapdos because...
  6. pokemaster649

    rate my team

    Hey guys, I've just created a vgc team, but I don't if it's good. Thundurus item: Charti berry trait: Prankster evs: 4 hp, 252 sp. atk, 252 spd moves Thunderbolt Grass knot Taunt Protect Ah Thundurus, one of my favorite pokemon, he is used to counter both trick room...