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    No Shit September

    I'm going strong
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    original characters

    i know some of yall are art nerds or even furries, so show me those OCs and sonas babeeeee heres some of mine
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    you get a free lunch once every week for the rest of your life, but it's added as a menu item to mcdonalds and you get it from there. you don't have to eat it but you can't eat a different lunch that same day. what food item do you pick
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    oh the renovations are done?

    love what you did to the place
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    the definition of art

    "Art" is a very powerful word that commands a lot of respect in modern day society - calling something art is an endorsement in itself, and saying something is not art is usually deemed tantamount to calling it worthless. When doing either of those things, usually people like to talk about...
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    Is it ethical to commercialize the labor of hobbyist volunteers?

    This is a concept that comes up in a lot of different ways and I was wondering about the opinions of my fellow smogonauts. To name some examples that help illustrate the concept: Mario maker, little big planet, a large part of youtube and even fan sites and social media have a business model...
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    Why do you argue on the internet?

    Yes. Why? EDIT: I personally enjoy arguing from time to time, and sometimes I get caught up in something dumb, but I'm starting to learn to let it go when people say things I think are dumb. Typically an argument like the ones you see in cong is something I go out of my way to avoid.
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    Genuine Authentic Happiness: Possible?

    Hell yes. Just bought 25 euros worth of chocolate and cookies and I dont even have to start on them to feel good about that. Post good feels in this thread, or if youre a sad sack argue why we arent really happy. (spoilers: we are)
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    Art by A Pink Moth (internet's 3d models and assorted nonsense)

    hello, i have a few hours in blender. Which may come as a surprise because i'm known as that guy who moderates firebot and makes a joke sometimes. It's a recent thing anyway. If you have any good ideas feel free to tell me them and I might actually do it. no guarantees because this shits hard.
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    Crypto Currency

    bitcoin is at 13.5k at the time of writing this. I've made a few hundred dollars with minimal effort and tiny input. You can all do better than I did. On the other hand, crypto currency is also bad in ways. Drugs. Crime. Energy costs. Bubble? maybe. Bad? maybe. But however you feel about...
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    Elaborate Hypotheticals

    This has in the past been firebot content but let's try this in cong, seeing as serious discussion tends to make them more fun than a stream of snarky jokes. Please do not post your own elaborate hypothetical unless discussion on the previous one has pretty much petered out, in which case, you...
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    fifty thousand words in one month

    who's engaging in the ol nanowrimo this year? what are the plans? how'd you do last time you tried? I've tried once and succeeded never, if memory serves. I'm planning on trying again this year, but I don't know how well it will go and have no real plans as to what I will write.
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    things you think everyone should do or at least try before they die

    scuba diving. i love scuba diving various creative pursuits, not everyone has to try every single one but you should try to find a way to express your creativity. thats a pretty gay thought but STFU i think it anyway. post your own
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    Role Playing Tournament Arc Lobby

    Information on the system can be found here: or by asking the hosts, hitmonleet and I, questions. And remember, it's not about winning, it's about cool superhero battles. Information for character building: 1. characters must be approved by both hitmonleet and...
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    Role Playing Tournament Arc

    approved by zorbees Have you always wanted to be a superhero or supervillain? have you always wanted to be the best? Then look no further than Tournament Arc! a fun-oriented PvP roleplaying game ran using mutants and masterminds third edition. Hitmonleet and I will assist in character building...
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    would you rather live forever or die right now.

    this is cong so no joke answers please. personally I'd prefer to live forever, it's the less selfish choice and, while it'll go bad in the long run and I'll have plenty of time to regret it, I make my decisions in the moment like a moron.
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    Deserving Happiness

    There's a hypothetical and I'm curious as to how the people of smogon will react to it. Person A has no desires that can be described as particularly evil. Person B has desires that can be described as particularly evil. He wants to engage in pedophilia and genocide. However, he has neither...
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    arts & crafts

    I thought we had a thread for this but I couldn't find it some stuff i made:
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    Where lies the line between mental illness and personality?

    So yeah, as someone who takes brain meds this is a pretty big matter to me and I occasionally give it a good think. I was wondering what sort of opinions this forum has on this matter. Personally, I feel like there might not be a line at all. Mental illnesses are just personality "quirks" with...
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    How should wealth be distributed?

    Time to bring out all the communist in the ole conglomeration. This is a serious thread. I personally believe that with the increasing automization of the world, it is inevitable that many humans become superfluous. In order to prevent a situation where the rich life in a robot-powered utopia...