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  1. Maxalexandra

    Pending Add a `/helpfaq` command

    Perhaps a nice solution would be to allow accessing roomfaqs from one room with a second parameter in the command (e.g /roomfaq ca, help)? I don't think a /helpfaq command would be necessary (do note you can access some help faqs with /question, should you hit a filter regex on the main server.)
  2. Maxalexandra

    In Progress Hangmans "save"

    Seems pretty reasonable and feasible. I'll approve this for now - if someone wants to do it, please feel free to, otherwise I'll get to it in a few days. edit: Looks like Kris is taking it.
  3. Maxalexandra

    In Progress Inform when a specified user comes online

    In progress, I've already implemented this in my friends list PR.
  4. Maxalexandra

    In Progress !profile command

    I'll implement last login within the friends list PR. I'll also add the profile /whois alias. Edit: /profile alias added. Last login has been implemented in friends list PR.
  5. Maxalexandra

    Done Add + as an option of roomsettings for tournaments

    This is done & live.
  6. Maxalexandra

    Done Allow room owners to promote to ^

    This is done and live.
  7. Maxalexandra

    Pending Give regs the option to whitelist users while using /blockpms

    I probably could make that happen, yes. I'll work on that within the friends list pull request.
  8. Maxalexandra

    Pending emoji and reaction in showdown

    Emoji at least would be incredibly spammable - you'd also have to manually moderate the content of the emojis which seems like a big lift for global staff. Reactions aren't super feasible with how PS's chat messages currently work, afaik. I guess you could abuse UHTML, but that would be a lot...
  9. Maxalexandra

    Pending Give regs the option to whitelist users while using /blockpms

    This was suggested before, as I recall. I'd be happy to work on adding it, should it be approved.
  10. Maxalexandra

    Invalid Sort by thread

    You can already do that. This forum is for PS suggestions, though, not Smogon.
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  12. Maxalexandra

    Done Add + as an option of roomsettings for tournaments

    This is actually in progress already. The commands need to be refactored, since the way they are handled right now is not compatible with /permissions, and i'm doing that at the moment. Once Zarel (or someone else) merges it, and updates the server, that will be possible.
  13. Maxalexandra

    In Progress Friends list

    Actually, strike my previous post. I'm going to start working on this now (Zarel said it was fine.) Edit: Pull request made.
  14. Maxalexandra

    Done Implement a /weekban command

    I have this, atm. weekroomban: 'ban', wrb: 'ban', forceweekroomban: 'ban', weekban: 'ban',
  15. Maxalexandra

    Done Implement a /weekban command

    Discussed in PM with Annika since i coded this when this thread was posted, PR is here.
  16. Maxalexandra

    In Progress Offline and persistent chat messages (PMs)

    Since Zarel said it would be fine to PR an implementation of this, with the caveat it'll need some work when preact happens (which can be done now - code comments!) I'm going to work on this.
  17. Maxalexandra

    In Progress Remove past Thing of the Day winners

    I'm refactoring Thing of the Day currently to use SQLite. I can fit this in as part of that, since it's relevant, if approved. Edit; will do.
  18. Maxalexandra

    Done Add Highlights to Bot Pages

    Working on this. Thankfully, pages already have that restriction built in, so it'll be easy. Edit: PR is up, here.
  19. Maxalexandra

    Invalid National Dex Chat: Major Problem

    This forum isn't for suggestions to do with existing rooms, or for creating rooms. This is for features for PS. Take this issue up with NatDex Room Owners instead.