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  1. Does anyone here go to anime conventions?

    Just a simple question. Do you go to anime conventions? As for me, I've been to two cons so far: Tsubasacon (my state's anime con) and Tekkoshocon. Both of these are small cons. However, on February 6th to 8th, I will be attending New York Comic Con. This will be my first time attending...
  2. Gamestop Tournament "I'm Going To This Store" Registry.

    Ah, okay. I'll have to check with my local Gamestop, to see what their rules are. Anyway, thanks for the info, Calciphoce! ^^
  3. GTS Cloning Trick

    Hmm.... Well, that explains all the Level 9 and under Mew's I've been seeing. Dang, so much for finding a real Mew on the GTS anytime soon. Not that I'm in desperate need of getting one or anything, as I've already got some nice Mew's. Anyway, I just like collecting Mew, since that is...
  4. Any night owls out there?

    Yeah, for some reason, I like to stay up real late on the computer.... Even around 3:00 AM, you can sometimes find me on the forums or on IRC (which is soooo addictive). XD
  5. Gamestop Tournament "I'm Going To This Store" Registry.

    Hey guys! Long time no see! XD Anyway, just wanted to let people know that I'm entering the Gamestop tournament. Okay, this is the tournament I'm entering: South Charleston, WV Shoppes @ Trace Fork 44 RHL Blvd. Heh, let me know if any of you happen to be going there. ^^...