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  1. Cynara

    Quality Control Arceus-Electric [QC: 0/3]

    QC: GP: [OVERVIEW] * Arceus-Electric's typing makes it a unique choice, being an pure Electric-type Pokémon it provides a essential check to common Flying Type's in the tier such as Mega Salamence and Arceus-Flying and most importantly the onlyCalm Mind Arceus Forme along side Arceus-Rock...
  2. Cynara

    Trade Thread WIP - do not post

    Introduction Welcome! I am a Pokemon Collector from the UK, who has been playing Since RBY; I started my serious collection Mid-late XY. I like to collect rare and exclusive move Pokemon and learnt various methods of RNG Abuse including Pokemon XD and Colosseum (the hardest games to RNG abuse)...
  3. Cynara

    Celesteela [QC 2/3]

    [OVERVIEW] Celesteela is a solid defensive alternative to consider over Skamory, it has a solid overall bulk of 97 HP / 103 Defense / 101 Special Defense base stats and has a stronger offensive presence, being able to use moves such as Leech Seed and Heavy Slam, making it more of a tank than a...
  4. Cynara

    Tyranitar (Choice Band)

    [SET] name: Choice Band move 1: Stone Edge move 2: Crunch move 3: Pursuit move 4: Earthquake item: Choice Band ability: Sand Stream nature: Jolly evs: 252 Atk / 4 SpD / 252 Spe [SET COMMENTS] Moves ======== Stone Edge is the main STAB move, with 100 Base Power backed by Tyranitar's base 130...
  5. Cynara

    Bulky Extreme Killer Arceus Set [QC 3/3] GP [2/2]

    [SET] name: Bulky Extreme Killer move 1: Swords Dance move 2: Extreme Speed move 3: Shadow Claw move 4: Recover / Earthquake item: Life Orb / Silk Scarf ability: Multitype nature: Adamant evs: 132 HP / 252 Atk / 124 Spe [SET COMMENTS] Moves ======== Swords Dance allows Arceus to set up...
  6. Cynara

    Arceus Ghost revamp QC [3/3] GP [2/2]

    [OVERVIEW] Ghost Arceus possesses a myriad of positive traits, including a solid offensive and defensive typing along with the ability to handle common threats to offense such as Extreme Killer Arceus, Mega Kangaskhan, and Latios, making it a good choice for offensive teams that require a solid...
  7. Cynara

    Serious Moving out

    Probably one of the most frightening things to ever cross my mind, my Mother has no issues with me still living at home at all, I have no domestic issues with family and I am comfortably contributing to household expenditure. I'm coming up 22 in August and this is something I'm gonna...
  8. Cynara

    ORAS Ubers The 2nd Law (Hyper Offense)

    After seeing a lack of Ubers RMTs, I finally decided to showcase one of my favourite Hyper Offensive builds in ORAS Ubers. The team itself is pretty standard outside a few sets, the main goal of this RMT is help newer users to understand the metagame. Teambuilding Thought Process I...
  9. Cynara

    Approved Dealing with hacked pokemon

    I am going to write about hacked pokemon and why its bad the trading economy, undermines hard work of breeding/capturing/other issues it can cause. How its technically black market trading, the issues of pokegen, powersaves and other forms of hacking.
  10. Cynara

    XY OU Beautiful Nightmare - Offense Team (1600+)

    So this is my first RMT thread and deciding to post my favourite XY OU team that I currently use in the metagame The team at a glance Team building Process So I started off thinking about building a team around Mega charizard-X for a change to give it a go. Charizard @ Charizardite...
  11. Cynara


    Overview ######## +Access to Rapid spin -No reliable Recovery Defensive Rapid Spin ######## name: Defensive Rapid Spin move 1: Rapid Spin move 2: Scald move 3: Magic coat move 4: Toxic ability: Torrent item: Evoilite evs: 248 HP/252 Def/8 Sp Def nature: Bold Moves ======== INFO ABOUT MOVES...
  12. Cynara

    Leavanny [0/3]

    Overview ######## +Good base speed +Decent defensive stats +Access to fast sticky web support, the primary reason to use Leavanny on a team +Workable special Movepool and special Stat, Has access to Bug Buzz and Leaf storm -Limited offensive movepool -Terrible defensive typing (Bug/Grass) 2...
  13. Cynara

    Cradily QC [1/3]

    This is my first ever analysis, so don't be too harsh Overview ######## +Good defensive stats 86/97/107 respectivly +good abilities especially the Storm drain ability - has an workable special attacking stat -poor offensive presence (such as being shut down by Taunt, doesn't have alot of good...