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  1. DracoMihawk

    Death Penalty for Sexual Offenders

    In my computers class we were talking about online predators. Then a whole discussion started about whether we should have the Death Penalty for them. In my opinion i thought that it was fine. These people have done a horrific crime and have probably or were probably gonna scar children for...
  2. DracoMihawk

    Excrement based swears

    please post them
  3. DracoMihawk

    It's Friday

    most of you have seen this Rebecca Black's Friday actually, this is one of the most stupid things i've ever listened to. thoughts on it? what parts do you think are the most ridiculous? any other ridiculous people trying to get famous that you have seen?
  4. DracoMihawk

    blamon's tradethread for mons

    Mihawkstradethread for 'mons Welcome! this is the older brother of my lowly previous trade so let's just get into it and start with the rules! 1) NO ICBB OR BLACKLIST 'nuff said 2) NO OT's in your trade means no trading with me. I work hard for my guys i won't trade with you if you don't 3)...
  5. DracoMihawk

    Blacklist Status

    I know this has been brought up many times but how about instead of making a title for the blacklisted people we can just make them put blacklisted in bold in their sig. and also if they don't maybe infractions can be put out? just an idea. i apologize if this has been brought up to much. i also...
  6. DracoMihawk

    (4th Gen Team)Cutting down some n00bs

    Hey all, I'm thinking of joining this tournament with too many crazy newbies joining. I'm going to use my current team but i need some tweaking with it since i'm not sure it'll work against some crazy gimmicks. well here goes, my first rmt The Lead Rhyperior "Rhyperry" Adamant/Leftovers Solid...