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  1. lockjaw

    OU Azumarill (revamp)

    Link: [OVERVIEW] Azumarill é uma opção de nicho em times hyper offense e rain pelo poder de Belly Drum e Huge Power, concedendo-lhe um Attack monstruoso após receber o boost. Com +6 Azumarill oblitera Ferrothorn, Tangrowth e Toxapex com moves de...
  2. lockjaw

    SM PU Accelerator

    Introduction Hey everyone, I'm finally back to the competitive scene after months due to personal issues (my pc was broken), and the first thing I have an interest in doing is getting back to one of my favorite tiers: PU. With that in mind, I've decided to build a new team around...
  3. lockjaw

    ORAS PU Nostalgic OST

    Hi Guys I am here today with my third PU team , the creation of the team is basic I always liked builds offensives teams in a tier where it has Stealth Rock + Spikes , Wallbreakers of full would be a good idea, the ladder is high started the ladder is 2 days and the ladder ends in 1680 but soon...
  4. lockjaw

    ORAS PU The Pimps' [Peaked 1# In Suspect ]

    THE PIMPS - Hi guys, this time I trained a lot for the suspect , my team is a bulk offense without any spikes or S rank, the goal of the team was to make a protected team, and each help the other, as throh was choiced to go pro suspect it would be necessary for the team KNOWING THE...
  5. lockjaw

    ORAS LC Malo Mart

    (Listen to this song while you're reading this) Hi guys, today I made a team that achieved a good score on the ladder, LC is one of my favorite tiers (Nobody league will soon pro RMT) and the name of the team is that? Because I love this music and when did this rmt thought it (What?)...
  6. lockjaw

    Other [ORAS PU] King Bear's

    The King Bear Hello my friends, today I am bringing my first RMT in Smogon, may be bad can be good but Smogon but needs more PU RMT :D. Teambuilding Pogress - Starting with the Basics, Ursaring is the main Pokémon team of the sweeper destroyed and Piloswine the tank is great for stop switch...