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  1. Ropeburn

    Mega Aerodactyl Hyper Offensive

    Sand Streamers Mega Scissors Mega Charizard X Balance Double Intimidate Mega Aero Hyper Offense Sitcky Web Special Offensive Lucario Balance Mega Gyarados Balance Sunny Beaches Bulky Mega GARizard
  2. Ropeburn

    Ropeburn's Breeding Emporium

    CURRENT STATUS: ON STANDBY Do not post here; send me a pm. Please read the rules before posting, thank you! Rules: Wants: Flawless Pokemon (5 ivs and 6ivs) Defog Latios/Latias/Skarmory CLONING Literally any Shinies you may have. (Ivs and nature don't matter) Competitive Shinies (Willing...