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  1. Isa

    Gen 3 ADV Sand Veil

    not being an active adv player myself i will not stake out any position on what the proper solution to this scenario is, however i do believe that the above post by callous stakes out a false equivalency that i'd like to adress in pokemon we allow for some possibility of an "uncompetitive"...
  2. Isa

    ITT: Pretend it's 2006 Internet

    right back at you Kalalokki
  3. Isa

    tier list no one asked for FAST FOOD TIER LIST (CONFESSIONAL)

    never been to subway in america but ive heard its significantly worse than what we get here in sweden fsr the subway that i know is S tier. if theyre out of lay's sourcream/onion chips you can drop them to A or B though.
  4. Isa

    Multi-gen RoA Olympics 5: Round 1

    won 2-0 vs bomber in gsc ubers ggs g1 g2
  5. Isa

    Multi-gen RoA Olympics 5: Signups

    Nation: Europe Tiers played: GSC Ubers Inactivity: Requested Captain:
  6. Isa

    Survivor Smogon Survivor: The Official (Started! Join server to spectate)

    This is crazy enough to appeal to me. In
  7. Isa

    The World Cup of Pokémon 2020 - Semifinals

    now in lossless quality go eu
  8. Isa

    Other Smogon Puzzle Hunt 3 [Signups]

    Team Name: Members: Isa Jihyo Uriquack Pixie Pseudonam Myth Discord Contact: Isa#5427
  9. Isa

    Gen 1 RBY Ubers Analysis - Thoughts on the metagame

    for those out of the transform loop, can you explain 1. the set 2. how you deal with it good stuff otherwise
  10. Isa

    Gen 1 Question for Game Theory Experts

    thank you for this insight into semantics. do you wish to contribute to the topic at hand as well or are you just here to nitpick?
  11. Isa

    Ubers GSC Ubers Tournament - Round 2

    drop me out. no scheduling opponent in r1 or r2 has made me tired of this
  12. Isa

    Ubers GSC Ubers Tournament - Round 1

    update, oppo told me to take the win. top 1 sad
  13. Isa

    Ubers GSC Ubers Tournament - Round 1

    opponent hasnt responded to my wall message. activity.
  14. Isa

    Proposal Dropping Out and Activity Losses in Official Tournaments

    how would this policy be upheld by the various hosts? would hosts be asked to check a list published by tournament directors or would a technical solution similar to the current one for tourbanned people be put in place? we've already seen that not even tournament directors hosting the most...
  15. Isa

    A Colo(u)rful Walr(o)us

    in, subbed over discord
  16. Isa

    ITT post musically interesting tracks Mr. Bungle - California "In keeping with the band's other output, California incorporates a wide variety of musical styles, including Hawaiian music, Eastern...
  17. Isa

    Gen 1 RBY OU Viability Ranking - Mark II

    this is not an accurate comparison rhydon is the de facto standard option these days, which pleases me as a long term rhydon fan, but golem was the preferred alternative prior to smth like 2017? remember that initially _rhydon_ was seen as the mon made unviable by the body slam mechanic...
  18. Isa

    The Top 10 Worst Host / TD Decisions of All Time

    regarding abr on afrabs: the td team at the time finally took necessary steps towards players actually playing for the teams they were eligible for. this was the first wcop with these ip checks in place, as such not all kinks were worked out and the rules were interpreted very much by the...
  19. Isa

    SPL XI - Commencement Thread

    hi hello as a very casual watcher of spl im not able to keep up to date with all the games that are played, but i'm interested in seeing great games being played. would it be possible to include some kind of questionnaire in the replays thread where people get to vote for their favorite game(s)...