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    NFL Quarantine Thread: 2020-2021 Season?

    Brady is a traitor, hope he loses
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    The Well #61 Nominations

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    The #pokemon Tournament IV, ADV Edition - Round 1

    Lost g1: (Team 15 vs. Team 16) Won g2: (Team 22 vs. Team 2) Won g3...
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    DOU Doubles World Cup of Pokemon 2020 - Signups

    Player Name: ENERGY Country / Region of Residence: team US EAST
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    The Well #59 Nominations

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    LC LC Majors I - Stage 2 Round 1

    I posted the next day after the thread was up, I wasn't tagged in anything nor did my opponent notify you that he lost which is sort of shame on him.. Regardless, I understand your decision entirely. My fault.
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    LC LC Majors I - Stage 2 Round 1

    I should be in this Merritt I won the tie breaker with jcbc and jaajgko Here is one of the replays, I'm not used to having to save them cause of Smogtours and sorry for the delay, I had a hard time finding...
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    Survivor Smogon Survivor: The Official (Started! Join server to spectate)

    Imagine Ninja wasn't robbed :blobglare:
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    NOC Mafia Game??

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    official 2020 election thread [Epic rap battle of history JOE BIDEN vs DONALD TRUMP!]

    I thought it started off with Trump pounding him, then it became excessive. Also, I think Trump blatantly forgot Biden had another son who died in the military.. Don't think this debate will change anyones opinion. Can't wait for the next 2!
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    Season 30 (Week 2 [SM OU #2]) Won by Luigi

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    ITT: Pretend it's 2006 Internet

    Sasuke is definitely wayy stronger than Naruto
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    Single Sentence Story Link Game

    I- I sharted..
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    Explain how the poster above you got their username (but wrong)

    His name was probably something like MonkeyLover24, but that was too OG so it got shortened to M24
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    The #pokemon Tournament IV - Pre-Round