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    Programming Usage Over Time Graph Generator for the Most Used Pokemon

    This is a simple program I made that creates a graph of Pokemon usage over time. It looks at the most recent stats to see the most used Pokemon (you tell it how many to look at) and it plots those Pokemon's usage over time. It's kind of interesting to look at. Here's the result for OU: I've...

    Project MakeMyTeam - Optimized Team Generator and Building Help [Complete!]

    (edit: 5/6/2018, fixed a dumb bug so this can now use the most recent usage stats. It also doesn't break when a Pokemon set disappears from usage.) MakeMyTeam Optimized Team Generation, Pokemon Suggestions, and much more. MakeMyTeam (mkmt) is a comprehensive Computer Teambuilding System. It is...

    Gen 6 Teambuilding Guide

    Teambuilding Guide Approved by Aragorn the King and bludz By UberPyro Big update 12/17/15: The guide has been restructured and rewritten. Introduction Hello everybody, my name is UberPyro, and this is my guide to teambuilding. I have been playing for quite a while, having started...

    VolTurn Immunity team by UBERPYRO

    Peaked ~2250 ACRE. I used to create a lot of spike based volturn sand teams in Gen 5, but with the nerf to sand and the buff to defog, I decided to make a volturn with some immunites. Edits are in green. At-A-Glance Mega-Manectric Manectric @ Manectite Role: Volt switch/breaker...

    Sun team by UBERPYRO

    Hi everyone, I'm new-ish to competitive battling and I have put together a decent sun team. Ironicly to my name I have actually made mostly hail teams but as it turns out sun is my natural weather. The original idea behind this team was to stall my opponent with offensive pressure and ware...