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  1. Adamant Rotom-W

    SM OU "Last Surprise" - Mega-Lopunny + Ash-Greninja Balance

    Yo why is this game's music so good Hey everyone, I'm back with another RMT, 1 year and 5 months after my previous one (Seems like I can only make good teams after a long break...). This time, I'm taking a stab at balance, an archetype I rarely delve into. I tried a lot of variants of Lopunny...
  2. Adamant Rotom-W

    SM OU "Let's Hope This Works" - A team made by someone that just returned to pokemon after ORAS.

    Let's Hope This Works: The OU Team (Peaked at 1400 because I'm bad and lazy) Introduction Hey everyone, it's been a while! Last time I wrote a RMT, it kind of flew under the radar (not to mention that the team sucked, but was at least slightly interesting), so I decided to give it another...
  3. Adamant Rotom-W

    ORAS OU Zard-X + Scolipede - Interchangeable Sweepers

    Hey everyone! This is my first post here, and my first attempt at a RMT. I'll be going over my personal favourite creation, a team built around Scolipede as the main sweeper. However, if you'd prefer to use Charizard-X as the main sweeper, the movesets can be changed to favour Charizard's power...